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What kinds of housework services are available?

If you find it difficult to clean or do other housework because of your disability, your NDIS package may fund NDIS cleaning support so that you can have a clean, comfortable home.

NDIS cleaning services could include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, changing the sheets on your bed, and dusting and wiping down surfaces. You can also receive support to do your laundry, and even have your NDIS cleaner defrost your fridge should it be needed.

There are more than 15,000 independent support workers on the Mable platform. Simply browse the profiles to find someone in your local area to provide NDIS cleaning support. Even if you haven’t been approved for the NDIS, you can still pay privately through Mable and get the housework and cleaning help you need and deserve.

How it works

Join Mable for free and begin your search for your verified independent support workers on Mable. Over 11 million support hours have been booked, and we give safeguards and protections with every Mable booking. Finding and booking support right for you is as easy as 1-2-3.

Search for a support worker

Search for support workers

Browse verified independent support worker profiles in your area. Customise your search to interests, availability, skills and more with hundreds of new workers joining weekly.

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Book support on Mable

Shortlist and connect directly with independent support workers on Mable. Mutually agree with workers on support services, pricing, time and location, all booked on Mable.

Know you're safeguarded

Know you’re safeguarded

Every Mable booking guarantees you safeguards including a suite of insurances arranged on behalf of independent workers, access to our Trust & Safety Team and a transparent history of all interactions.

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