What payment options are available for organisations?

Mable collects payments from clients on behalf of independent support workers. Organisations can make payments via:

  • Credit Card or Pre-Paid Debit Card: When your client accepts an offer from a support worker, and the worker’s timesheets are approved, the support’s cost is deducted from the client’s nominated credit card. The amounts charged are based on the approved support hours, the hourly rate agreed with the support worker and the 7.95% Mable client platform fee. Pre-paid debit cards can also be used on the Mable platform.
  • Direct Debit from a Bank Account: Payment can be direct-debited from a nominated account after the support worker’s timesheet is approved. A direct debit authority form must be completed and verified by us before this payment method can be processed. The form can be found in the Payment Details section of your client’s profile.
  • Pre-payment using Electronic Funds Transfer: An organisation can pre-pay a specified amount of money into their client’s Mable account. Once a support worker’s timesheet has been approved, the charge is deducted from the remaining balance in the account. When the account reaches $0, another pre-payment can be made.  To set up this payment method, call us on 1300 73 65 73.
  • Invoice: Service providers, and sometimes individuals self-managing government funding, can pay by invoice. The Mable platform generates an invoice for the support worker using their ABN. Invoices are issued weekly with 7-day payment terms, to ensure support workers are paid promptly. To set up this payment method, call us on 1300 73 65 73.
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