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5 questions to ask to get the most out of your Home Care Package

We’ve outlined the five questions you should ask to make sure you’re getting the best value from your Home Care Package.

Question 1 – How much funding do I have?

Your home care package level will determine how much funding you have available to spend on your care services.
  • Laurel’s Level 4 Home Care Package Laurel has undergone an ACAT Assessment and has received a Level 4 Home Care Package, which entitles her to $50,286 a year to spend on her care. Laurel is a self-funded retiree, so her contribution to this package is $38.43 each day. Laurel’s family has helped her to find a local aged care provider who has a Level 4 Home Care Package available.
Her provider will hold and manage the funds for her – and to do this, they have charged her an administration fee of 10%, as well as a case management fee of 25%. This leaves Laurel with 65% of her total package available to spend on support and care services – or $31 320 a year.

Question 2 – How much should I pay my provider for administration and case management?

As you have seen in Laurel’s example, your provider will take a percentage of your funding for administration and case management.
Case management is important, particularly for people with more complex care needs, who may not have the resources or support to plan and arrange their own care.
However, if your care requirements are minimal, or if you have assistance from a family member to help you search for and choose the care you need, you may be able to discuss reducing your case management and administration fees with your provider.
Lower fees means more money for you to access more hours of care.

Question 3 – What can I spend my remaining funding on?

There are a wide range of services that you can choose to spend your funding on such as domestic assistance, nursing services, social support and more.
  • Laurel and her family work with her provider to develop an individual care plan based on Laurel’s needs, and what’s important to her. Laurel needs help with daily duties, such as cooking, cleaning and personal care, but she also wants to make sure that she has support to get out into the community. Laurel loves to read, so she asks for regular visits to the library to be part of her care plan.
Top tip!
Think outside the box! When you are thinking about what you would like to spend your funding on, consider what you would like your life to look like – and ensure your care plan can help you achieve this. Would you like help to get out and meet with friends, try a new hobby, or take your dog for a walk? Perhaps you would like someone to take you to an exhibition, or to see a show? Remember – you might have different people supporting you for different purposes, so the important thing is to think about your life goals first.

Question 4 – How much is my provider charging an hour for my services?

The amount you pay per hour can make a big difference to the amount of care you can access each week.
Returning to the above example, the funds Laurel had available with a Level 4 Home Care Package after deduction of the administration and case management fee was $31 320.
Many providers will arrange services directly, and often charge around $48 an hour. At this rate, Laurel would receive 12.5 hours of care a week.
If Laurel were to find someone to provide these services at a lower rate (for example, using the Mable platform to find a local care worker at $30 an hour), she could get 20 hours of care a week out of her funding – that’s almost 8 extra hours of care a week.

Question 5 – How can I find a care worker who’s right for me?

Your choice of care worker will depend on a range of factors – their qualifications, experience, personality – whether they’re pet-friendly, or can speak your language.
With Mable, you can search and select a local care worker based on criteria that are important to you. Looking for a female care worker based in your local area who can speak Italian and shares your love of dogs?
With Mable, you can find them.
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