How to find a community support worker or become one

What is a community support worker?

A community support worker is a person who works with an older Australian or person living with disability, and services a range of needs that allow their client to live more comfortably and with greater ease. In-home care can include basic housekeeping duties, helping the client shower and dress, preparing simple meals and even providing companionship.


Outside of the home, a community support worker can transport the client to appointments and social engagements, keep them engaged with their community, or take them out for lunch or a movie.


Community support workers generally don’t have to have formal qualifications but instead, focus on delivering everyday living support, along with kindness, compassion and warmth.

How much does it cost to hire a community support worker?

The cost varies according to whether the client is on a Home Care Package (for Aged Care) or an NDIS plan (for Disability Care). Government funding covers the cost of hiring a community support worker to whatever extent has been assessed as appropriate for the client’s needs.


Community support workers on Mable are independent contractors. That means the out-of-pocket cost may vary depending on the rate that clients agree on with the support worker. When hiring a community support worker via the Mable platform, clients can discuss and even negotiate the hourly rate with them.

Connecting clients and community support workers

Mable makes it easy for clients to search, connect with and book independent support workers meeting their criteria. Clients can filter their search for age, gender, experience, languages spoken and more. Clients can also post a job with their specific requirements, and only relevant support workers will receive an alert. Booking on Mable provides safeguards and protections, including a high-level suite of insurances.

What is involved in becoming a community support worker?

What’s mainly involved in becoming a community support worker is a desire to provide meaningful support to clients in the community who need help going about their regular daily activities. To become a support worker on Mable, you first must create an account. You will need an ABN, a police check, two references, and if you’re working with children, a working with children check, to be approved and start accepting jobs.

Exercising person helped by caregiver outdoors.

Can anyone become a community support worker?

Community support workers are not always highly experienced and don’t necessarily have tertiary qualifications. The most important prerequisite is to be a kind, caring individual who wants to help make clients’ lives easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.


For someone who wants to be a community support worker, enlisting with a platform such as Mable helps them to find and communicate with clients. It’s simply a matter of signing up, filling out a questionnaire, providing references and relevant security checks such as a Police Check and Working With Children Check, if relevant, and waiting to become approved.


Community support workers find the work very fulfilling, knowing that they are providing a genuine, much-needed service for their clients. For some clients, their community support worker provides the only human interaction they receive in their day-to-day life. It can make quite a difference, to have someone to have a chat and a few laughs with and keep the ordinary things most of us take for granted in order.

What are the tasks completed by a community support worker?

A client will usually have a good idea of what they need. For some, companionship alone is a huge benefit to their lives. It could also entail some help around the home, such as gardening, cooking or cleaning.

Our community


The workers we have engaged through Mable are kind, caring and professional. Aged care participants have a unique set of needs, one of which is routine, continuity and familiarity. They do not cope with being sent a different worker each time who doesn't know them or their circumstances. With Mable, we have the same workers each time who really care about my father. We couldn't be happier with the service.



Best thing about Mable is that you get to choose a person that is conveniently located in your area and suits all your requirements. Mable's online platform is very easy to use. My mum certainly gets more services out of her Home Care Package by choosing Mable.



Just started using mable to support my Mum living in a studio under my home. Has been great to employ a support worker we know directly. Service is linked to Homemade which has worked well to date.


Find support that suits
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Find support
that suits
your budget

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