Mable’s Community Managed program

A care solution for rural, regional and remote areas

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Local people, local support

Accessing aged care and disability support in rural and remote areas can be challenging, making it difficult for people to get the care they need to stay living at home and in the communities they know and love. That’s why Mable’s Community Managed program (known as Staying In Place in Western Australia), is focused on creating localised, safeguarded and community-led solutions. We strive to overcome traditional workforce challenges and meet the needs of people living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Mable works in partnership with a local coordinating hub within the community. The local coordinating hub provides on-the-ground support to assist people in navigating aged care, accessing a Home Care Package and coordinating their services and supports. Mable generates a local care solution made up of independent support workers and creates training opportunities to build their capacity to deliver the care required.

Currently, more than 60 communities across Australia take part in the Mable Community Managed program. Together we are working to deliver better aged care and disability services that not only offer flexibility, choice and greater value, but also generate broader economic, health and social benefits that support the future of rural, regional and remote communities.

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Why partner with Mable’s Community Managed program?

Receive home care in regional areas

Tailor a community-led care solution that provides local support and offers choice, flexibility and value to meet your specific needs.

Access local support and training

Get on-the-ground information sessions to educate and empower your community and explore local training opportunities.

Create valuable local opportunities

Build the capacity of local people to provide independent support, generate income opportunities and keep locals in their homes.

Our community

Customer review

Before Mable came to town, people couldn’t get support because of where they lived. Traditional providers tend to concentrate closer to the metropolitan areas, because it’s not economical for them to come out to small towns. People were doing it really tough.

Lyn, Community Coordinator, Esk Qld

Customer review

Ageing at home or in a community that feels safe surrounded by familiar people is vital to regional communities. Helping people stay in their homes and community can reduce depression, loneliness or feelings of isolation. That's the driving force behind Staying in Place. we're not building buildings, we're building capacity.

Helen Morton, Staying In Place, Pingelly WA

How it works

  • Host information sessions: Our team will hold information sessions in your community specifically tailored to ensure people with a Home Care Package, or those eligible for one, are well-informed to make decisions and receive the care they need.
  • Build a community of local independent support workers: We will support you in building up a community of independent support workers. This means local people supporting each other. Every session booked through the Mable platform comes with high-level insurance, and our Australia-based customer support team are available to answer any questions.
  • Establish a coordinating hub: We’ll help you set up a local coordinating hub and provide the assistance you need to coordinate the care and support requirements of residents in your community.
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Helping Australian communities

Meet your Community Managed team


Linda is passionate about building capacity in rural and remote areas. Having grown up in a small country town, she understands the challenges of accessing services, and the power of locally led solutions. That’s why she wants to change the landscape of what home care can look like in rural Australia, making it possible for people to access care and be supported to stay living and ageing wherever they choose.


Born in Griffith, NSW, and with family in small farming communities in regional NSW and SA, Brad understands people’s desire to stay living in their local communities for as long as possible. He is dedicated to supporting older residents to live at home and create fulfilling work opportunities for local people.
Head shot of Brad and Linda in the community partnership team

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