Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at the Mable group of companies

Overall approach

At the Mable group of companies, we recognise the importance of positively impacting inclusion in society, which closely aligns with the purpose of our companies. We do this through our dedication to creating a workplace and society where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are not just goals but an integral part of our values, actions, and impact.

We actively strive to reflect the diversity of our communities in our employees. We aspire for representation across the organisation, including in decision-making roles. Our commitment extends to demographic diversity, including gender mix, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, age, disability status, carer responsibilities, and diversity in thinking and lived experiences.

Our businesses operate in a cycle of continuous improvement driven by the feedback we receive from employees and customers. We build and adapt internal people processes with an inclusion lens that influences our recruitment, performance assessment, reward systems, and ways of working.

Further, our external advisory councils in disability and aged care provide vital insights and valuable contributions to ensure that key decisions relating to the movements of our business align with the values, needs and preferences of our communities.

Gender pay gap drivers and actions

As it relates to gender pay, our gender pay gap from our WGEA 22-23 submission indicates that men are paid more on average than women in our organisation.

The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings between women and men in the workplace. It’s important to reiterate that it is not the same as equal pay, where women and men are paid the same for the same, or comparable, jobs – we do not pay people differently based on their gender or other demographics.

The gender pay gap within our organisation is influenced by workforce composition at each management level.

While our workforce comprises more women than men, women are underrepresented in senior positions, including key leadership positions. Concurrently, women are overrepresented in non-managerial roles, particularly in clerical positions that serve as entry points to the organisation, associated with lower pay ranges.

Recognising and rectifying these imbalances aligns with our commitment to reduce the gender pay gap.

In recent remuneration reviews, we have made positive progress by standardising starting points of pay ranges by management level. We expanded the application of our Short Term Incentive (STI) Program, achieving consistency in eligibility across senior leadership roles. The introduction of our Sales Incentive Program increases the bonus earning potential for women, as eligible roles are often classified as clerical.

To shape the gender composition of our workforce and facilitate career progression into senior roles, we’ve invested in management training for emerging leaders and incorporated succession planning into our cyclical business planning processes. Although women are underrepresented in key leadership roles, we have an equal gender split in managerial positions, providing an equal platform for women to transition into available leadership roles in the future.

Technology makes up a significant proportion of our employee population and is an area in which women are significantly under-represented in Australia. We have taken the opportunity to start a graduate program with a focus on increasing the number of women in technology roles, like Engineering. While we believe strongly in taking action to grow the proportion of women in technology, it might mean that, for a period of time, there will be more junior-level women in technical roles at Mable while we support them to gain experience and progress in their careers.

Other planned strategies include training in our recruitment processes, specifically selection and assessment.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging employee resource group

To ensure issues relating to equity and equality are top of mind for staff at all levels across Mable’s businesses, we have a voluntary staff-led Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) resource group.

This group actively consults the wider staff to identify the most impactful areas for action that can achieve positive cultural impacts, ultimately fostering an environment where everyone belongs.

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