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Turn Your Passions & Talents into Earners in 2021

What are you good at or passionate about and what could it lead to? Here are some great money-earning ideas, either for a bit of pocket money or even as your own microbusiness.

Photography lover?

If you’re known to carry a camera wherever you go, then photography is obviously a natural passion for you. Turn it into an earner by selling prints of your best shots at local markets or on Etsy, uploading to paid stock photography sites like Twenty20 or creating a themed glossy photobook on Snapfish to sell. You could even have your own exhibition!

Getting started: Search for a support worker on Mable who lists photography as one of their interests and has some business or online skills and picture yourself in demand for your snaps.

Have a great voice?

Maybe you can sing like a nightingale or perhaps your speaking voice is well-received. Discover how you can get some singing gigs or join a band. Learn how to become a motivational speaker, podcaster or voiceover talent, all of which can earn you a reasonable income.

Getting started: Post a job to find a support worker who can help you connect your voice with some earning opportunities. Here’s an example that you can copy/paste into your job ad:

“Hi, my name is Liz. I am interested in turning my speaking voice into a career and I’d like to start my own podcast. I’m seeking a support worker who has some experience in this area and could show me how to get into it.”

Makeup expert?

Makeup tutorial videos are hugely popular and you may just have a special skill to help others that you could show off in your videos. Post them on YouTube or Instagram and build a following and learn how to monetise your account.

Getting started: For this kind of idea, you might be able to get virtual help from a support worker located anywhere in Australia! Cast your net wide and you can have your sessions in Mable’s online chat system.

Passionate about astrology?

You may know a lot about astrology and the zodiac signs and would love an outlet for it. Take a course in graphic design and create zodiac greeting cards to sell online. Or you could set up a business providing online astrology consultations for entertainment.

Getting started: Post a job ad on Mable seeking a support worker who also loves astrology and who has skills to point you in the right direction. Here’s an example that you can copy/paste into your job ad:

“Hi, my name is Bob. I love art and I’m very passionate about astrology, having studied it for years. Now I’d like to combine these passions and make zodiac greeting cards to sell on Etsy but I need help. I’m looking for a support worker who also loves astrology and art who could show me where to start.”

Even more ideas!

Clever with words?

Take a course in copywriting, proofreading or editing and you can have paying clients from all over the world. Maybe you could start by offering your services on Fiverr.


Learn how to set up a business and market it through social media and you could attract paying clients who need their databases updated or their bookkeeping done.


What you usually make just for fun – dream catchers, hair ties, jewellery, pet gifts –could be a real little money spinner on Etsy.

Great storyteller?

You could write a book or a blog, or start your own YouTube channel and vlog about your life, your travels, your condition or your interests.

Search for a support worker on the Mable platform who has the various skills or similar interests to work with you on these pursuits. For some of these items, you could connect with a support worker via virtual sessions on Mable, to help you get started.

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