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How independent support workers can use Mable’s Superannuation Contribution Calculator

As an independent support worker on Mable, you’re in control of your own superannuation contributions. We’re here to give you support and foundations in growing your small business for long-term success on our platform. This is why we offer an easy-to-use Superannuation Contribution Calculator.

This handy tool helps you calculate how much superannuation you might like to contribute to your fund using 10.5% (the super contribution guarantee amount if you were an employee) as a guide. 

How to use our Superannuation Contribution Calculator

Once you’ve logged in, select Billing from the dashboard’s menu. From this section, select Super.

You can enter the date range, and our calculator will determine a suggested superannuation contribution amount based on your earnings over the period and a superannuation contribution of 10.5% (effective July 1st, 2022). Whether you decide to make a contribution or not and the amount you contribute, is entirely your decision.

We recommend you take superannuation into account when setting your rates.

Note: The above information should not be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. We recommend you speak with an accountant, tax advisor or your financial advisor. We expressly disclaim any responsibility for any action taken or not taken based on this information.


Independent support workers are sole traders running their own small businesses and are responsible for making their own superannuation contributions

The Mable Tax Benefits Program in partnership with the award-winning tax and accountancy firm YOUtax is available to independent support workers on our platform. The Program gives you booking opportunities with YOUtax’s expert accountants, webinars and resources dedicated to superannuation. You may also visit the ATO Super for Sole Traders page for further resources.

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