Additional Voucher terms and conditions – Referred Friend

  1. This offer is only available to new Customers to Mable.
  2. This offer does not apply to existing Customers or if you have previously signed up to Mable or previously acquired Services from Mable. 
  3. Please include your Friend discount voucher code at the time you sign up to Mable. 
  4. You will need to follow the process set out on the Mable platform to receive the Services. 
  5. In the first 30 days following sign up, You may offset an amount up to the discount voucher amount against any Services you receive via Mable.  
  6. If you do not receive Services up to the full amount of the discount voucher within the 30 days after sign up, the balance of the discount voucher will expire. 
  7. The invoice you receive for the Services provided in the first 30 days following sign up will automatically credit an amount equal to the discount voucher amount. If the Services provided are valued at less than the discount voucher amount, your invoice will automatically be credited the value of the Services provided in the first 30 days following sign up.  
  8. The discount voucher is not transferrable.
  9. The discount voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
  10. This offer will expire on 30/06/2021
  11. Mable reserves the rights to change, suspend or discontinue all or any part of this promotion at its discretion.

    For full terms and conditions relating to the Mable platform and Services, please click here