Nikki's story


Nikki is a carer for her daughter and her mother, who are both NDIS participants.

Her daughter Savannah is on the ASD spectrum and her other children have been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.

“Sav is quite hidden and under the radar,” Nikki says, “and needs more prompting and more direction. Having a support worker helps us build those things.” Savannah’s support worker, Shay picks her up from school three to four days a week. They discuss her homework and how to tackle it, and have a chat about social situations.

When Nikki’s mum, Kay suffered a stroke at age 59, she lost a great deal of independence, sleeping through most of the day. Nikki has been on hand to help her with memory and planning and once Kay’s government funding came through, they immediately turned to Mable to search for an independent support worker, and found Holly. Working together, Kay and Holly have been able to continue improving not just Kay’s independence but also her confidence to do things without Nikki.

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