Connecting with your services for your Self Managed Home Care Package

What supports and services can I access with my Home Care Package?

You can use your package funding for whatever services you require so long as they are within government guidelines and in line with your Care Plan. When you are thinking about what you would like to spend your funding on, consider what you would like your life to look like and ensure your Care Plan can help you achieve this.

Services can include support like cleaning, meal preparation, personal assistance, companionship, social outings, maintaining the home, pet care, laundry, gardening or higher-level care like respite care, clinical care, medication prompting and even round the clock care.

There are some things that the Home Care Package will not pay for. These include things like day-to-day bills, food, rent or mortgage payments, gambling, holidays, entertainment, health care already covered by Medicare or Pharmaceutical Benefits and programs already funded or subsidised by the government.

How do I work out what support I need most?

Here’s a list that may be helpful to work out your support and care priorities.

Ranked the importance for you (1-8)
I need support to look and feel my best (such as grooming, showering, continence management, podiatry, nursing etc.)
I need support to stay connected with my family, friends, my community, and my interests (such as social activities, creative activities, exercise, visiting family, friends, walking the dog, music, family history etc.) 
I need support to look after my health and nutrition (such as meal preparation, therapy support, medical prompts, diet etc.) 
I need support managing my home and garden (such as cleaning, gardening, home maintenance, decluttering etc.) 
I need support managing tasks and day to day errands (such as banking, shopping, fuel etc.) 
I need support using technology (such as using skype or Facebook, online  shopping, mobility equipment etc.) 
I need support to support my carer (such as respite etc.) 
I need support to stay safe at home ( such as personal alarms, sensor lighting, aids and equipment, welfare visits etc.) 

How can I find a service provider and care services near me?

Mable is a great place to start your search for support workers. Mable is an online platform you can use to connect with care and support workers in your local community who share your interests and suit your needs best. Sign up or call 1300 736 573  and you use your postcode to search for independent care and support workers in your local area.

Once you connect with support workers, you can communicate with them directly to ensure they are able to cater to your individual needs, you can then agree to rates, hours and services that work for both of you. We will liaise with Mable to coordinate the payments from your Home Care Package.

If you are currently receiving services from someone you trust or switching from another Home Care Package Provider, you can keep the carers you had previously, and we will help facilitate the transition. We can even introduce you to Home Care Package Providers who offer self management, such as HomeMade.

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