Client Safeguards

Trust takes time when you bring a new support worker into your life. Here’s how we can help you feel more confident from day one.


To protect you and your workers for every invoiced session, Mable has partnered with Zurich Australian Insurance to arrange insurances on behalf of workers.

Cover includes Public Liability, Personal Accident cover (if a worker injures themselves while supporting you) and Professional Indemnity – for things like personal care services, medication assistance, manual handling and nursing services. On the latter cover type, the fine print matters. Many insurances may not provide the appropriate level of cover. The aim is to have you feeling protected, safe and secure.

Background checks

Before a worker is added to Mable, they must hold an ABN and have a current Police Check (and if relevant, a current Working With Children Check).

In addition, we do reference and qualification checks on all workers – it’s essential they have the experience or training required to provide the services being offered – and we cross check the details of Nurses and Therapists with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or Speech Pathology Australia.

This isn’t a one-off either. Periodic checks are completed to ensure everyone’s qualifications remain up to date.

Worker ratings and reviews

Just like some of the website and app rating tools you may be familiar with, Mable also has a ratings feature. Not only can you see how many stars workers receive, you can read what their past or present clients have to say about them too. This helps you better understand who they are and whether they might be right for you before you agree to meet.

It can be reassuring to know what someone else feels about a person you may soon welcome into your life. Plus you can have your say, sharing your views on workers and what they’ve done for you.


Not only can you find workers, you can do all your communicating with them on Mable, which gives you more protection than your own phone, email (or post-it note system!). You can see your meeting times, any jobs you’re looking to get done, Worker Agreements, shift notes, timesheets, and a record of your billings and invoices.

Communicating on Mable ensures that it’s securely there for you in one central location.

We’re just a phone call away

While our primary role is to enable you to connect with a support worker, we’re here to support you, too. Whether you need help resolving an issue or you have a question about navigating the NDIS or My Aged Care, we’re here 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST).

Should something happen to you or you feel uncomfortable, you want to know who can help you and how we can help you deal with it. Whether an incident has occured or you have some feedback about Mable or your independent worker, we have a support team ready to assist and support you.

Be assured that client interactions, incidents and emergencies are all stored on Mable. We have the information at our fingertips, ready to assist how we can.

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We’re here to help you

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