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Tips for support workers: writing an agreement on Mable

Writing an agreement is one of the most important parts of the Mable journey for both you and your client. It is an opportunity to confirm with your client which services they’ll receive from you and it ensures you’re covered by the insurances organised on your behalf by Mable. Ready to learn more?

Firstly, you’ll need to get in touch with a client
Once you’ve connected with a client via Mable, you’ll begin chatting online to organise and discuss which services they need, and when.

If you’re a worker, keep in mind that every client is different with unique preferences and support needs. Your client may even request a “meet and greet” with you. This is a great way for you to learn more about your client and can be your opportunity to make a fantastic first impression!

Now that you and your client are organised…
You can send them an agreement! All you have to do is click “Send Agreement” while messaging your client via your Inbox on Mable.

Here, you can add the agreed hourly or flat rates and a description of the services you’ll be providing to your client.

How do hourly rates work?
The indicative hourly rates you set on your profile will be visible when you begin writing an agreement, however you can adjust the rate type, amount and even delete rate types.

The rate you and your client agree to will need to be included in the agreement. Once this rate is finalised between you and your client, the client will pay 5% more than this which reflects the total hourly cost of support. The amount you will be paid will be 10% less than the agreed rate. You will be covered by insurances arranged on your behalf for shifts invoiced under this agreement.

For example, if you negotiate an hourly rate of $37 per hour with your client, you’ll be paid $33.30 per hour, while the client will pay $38.85 per hour.

What do I write in the agreement?
While writing the details of your agreement, remember one thing…detail!

Add to the agreement aspects like:

  • the date and day of week services will occur,
  • where the support services will occur,
  • which types of support you will be providing,
  • and what kind of activities you will be helping your client complete.

Once you’re happy with your agreement, click “Save and Send”.

Why are agreements so important?
An agreement gives you the ability to provide services to a client with the protections of the insurance policies arranged on your behalf by Mable – without a finalised agreement on Mable, you can’t be paid via our platform and won’t have access to the details and history of your work.

For clients, an agreement means peace of mind, security and safety. With an agreement, your client knows you’ve been manually approved by the Mable Team and that you’re motivated to provide quality care and support.

Want to learn more about connecting to clients Mable? Visit our Help Centre.

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