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Why a worker meetup is great for your business

You may be working for yourself but you’re not alone. There is a huge network of workers just like you, who are not only changing what community care looks like in Australia, but also discovering what it’s like to run a business. A great place to start is a worker meetup.

Mable’s Community of Support Workers is an active, supportive closed Facebook group where workers share questions and experience on a daily basis. If you have a question, it’s worth finding out what your peers think, and we will dip in too if we can help.

But sometimes nothing beats putting a face to the Facebook photo. Our wonderful team of Community Engagement Managers regularly organises meetups. These meetups an opportunity for you to share, learn, develop and network with your peers who are also on the Mable platform.

While hosted by Mable, these are your meetups. They should be driven by your needs and objectives as a community of independent support workers.

What happens at a meetup?

Before the time, we usually send out a feedback survey to workers to find out what you’d like to know more about. The Community Engagement Manager running the meetup comes prepared with some ideas and also opens it up to the floor. After all, you’re the one supporting clients every day. You can also ask questions and provide insights on the day about your business, funding, supporting clients, whatever is on your mind. Bring your thoughts, questions, lessons and ideas – and learn from each other’s skills and experience!

Information sharing

There are sometimes presentations from local organisations who provide services which may be useful to your clients, for example, Meals on Wheels. Our Community Engagement Managers also provide sector updates (including changes in relation to the NDIS, Home Care Packages or general legislation changes), as well as information about regional training opportunities.

Buddying up

Another important benefit is the opportunity to find a buddy. It’s great to know that if you can’t cover a shift for whatever reason, you can refer and recommend someone to your client. Your buddy can do the same for you, and you both get to grow your businesses. It’s always possible to find and approach someone through the Facebook group, but if you can meet in person, all the better.

BYO meetup

The good news is, you don’t need someone from Mable to run a meetup in your area. This is something you can easily set up yourself, by putting the word out through the Facebook group. We can give you some resources and tips for organising the event, help you with invitations and you can talk it through with someone from our Community Engagement team.

Interested in running a meetup in your area? Get in touch or sign up today to get started. If you haven’t completed your profile yet, get started so you can join the community!

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