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Why trust Mable? Nine important things you need to know

Our mission is to help you build your business on Mable: that’s your business, working directly with your own clients, on your terms. You decide what jobs you take and what you charge – you’re the boss.

As an independent support worker offering your services to clients directly via Mable, you’re providing support to potentially vulnerable members of the community. That’s an important and serious thing. And it’s easy to forget the risks and responsibilities until something goes wrong.

We are proud of our commitment to safety, and in the background we are constantly improving our technology and processes, and working with our wider community to strengthen this commitment. Here are nine essential things to know when providing support services via the Mable platform.

Mable provides key safeguards

As part of the Mable independent worker community, your safety and the safety of your clients is paramount. We are continuing to mitigate risks and incorporate new standards, improving our safeguarded marketplace so you are protected every time you provide services via the Mable platform.

Every hour of support facilitated via Mable comes with industry-leading insurance

Mable has partnered with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance to arrange a suite of insurances on your behalf, protecting both you and your client.

All services* invoiced through Mable are automatically covered by industry leading Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances along with Personal Accident coverage for workers if you injure yourself while supporting clients.

When comparing insurances provided by similar platforms, or by other insurers, you may find that not all policies provide this level of cover. Most only provide public liability cover, which could leave you and your clients at risk.

Providing services to potentially vulnerable members of the community has inherent risk. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and not having the right insurance coverage could mean you aren’t protected when you need it the most.

The professional indemnity insurance arranged on your behalf via Mable provides, for example, cover for various services such as medication assistance, manual handling and nursing services (when you are approved to provide these services via Mable). This is where the fine print matters.

It’s about protecting you as well as your clients.

Using Mable to offer support to your clients means that you enjoy the benefit of only paying for this level of insurance cover when you are actually providing services. There are no upfront costs and no lengthy separate application process.

Just be sure to log all timesheets via the Mable platform, so that you and your client are covered for every hour of support. If you’d like to read the insurance fine print, you can do so here.

*Allied health professionals are required to evidence that they have their own insurances

Need a bit more help? We have a support team to assist you and your clients using the Mable platform – a valuable resource you can count on

The platform provides an important safety net, keeping records of client interactions, service logs and service notes, incidents and providing access to lots of helpful information in our resource centre.

But sometimes it’s helpful to be able to pick up the phone. It’s not only about the big things. We’re also here for the little things, too. Whether it’s a quick question about the platform, or more information to help you navigate the sector, we’re available over the phone on 1300 73 65 73 or via online live-chat from 9am to 5pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday.

Mable is where the work is

With over 100,000 hours of support facilitated each month via the platform, we’re the largest marketplace facilitating aged care and disability support in Australia and growing fast. Because our marketplace operates at scale, we are also able to keep our platform fees low.

We’re improving the number and quality of jobs and growing the number of clients every day. Mable invests heavily in brand awareness and marketing to bring new clients to the platform. The opportunity for you to build a thriving business via Mable is improving every day. Keep checking in and responding to job posts and client messages for the best chance of building your business and client base. Plus you can bring existing clients with you to Mable, usually allowing your client to pay less and engage you for more hours, while you can earn more. It’s a win-win.

Your profile on Mable is a living and breathing reflection of who you are, what you offer and your accumulated skills, experience and feedback from clients. Because you set your own rates, as you upskill, build your experience and gain positive reviews, you have another opportunity to grow your earnings.

Alongside this growth, we’re passionate about developing fast and efficient technology to deliver great client matches and the most relevant work opportunities for our independent worker community. There are improvements coming, which means you will soon start to see new features on the site aimed at offering you more of the work that interests you.

Being part of Mable, means you’re part of a select group, pioneering new ways to offer tailored support to NDIS participants and people who are ageing. As a worker who’s part of the Mable community, you benefit from trust that clients have in our brand and safety frameworks, and in our community.

Payments, messaging, admin: we are working hard to deliver a full suite of tools for you to manage your business. These tools become more valuable as you increase your hours and clients on Mable

The Mable platform is not only where you meet clients, it’s also where you can manage your interactions with them. Our mobile app allows you to quickly and easily receive and respond to messages and job posts, while ensuring everything is recorded and easily accessible in one central place.

All the agreements you have with your clients, all the service logs and service notes, and a record of all your billings, invoices and tax information, are all at your fingertips on the Mable platform.

That means you don’t have the headache of worrying about admin and invoicing, payment collection and record keeping. Our mission is to make it super easy for you to build your own business and brand on Mable and we have big features planned, so keep a look-out!

We help you manage your ongoing compliance obligations

Our onboarding process for independent workers doesn’t stop once you are part of the Mable community. The platform monitors expiry of your Police Check, Working with Children Check and Nursing Registration if relevant and we’ll remind you when it’s time to update your checks.

We’ll also share with you information about new regulatory requirements that we become aware of. For example, we recently let all workers know about the new NDIS Code of Conduct that all disability support workers are subject to and provided a link to online training about the Code.


Navigating invoicing and payments from private paying clients, NDIS providers, plan managers and home care package providers can be confusing and time-consuming. Additionally, the aged care and disability support industries are undergoing significant change. Teething problems have meant that they are sectors that are fraught with payment problems and delays which can impact you, and we know how important prompt and regular payment is to you.

Much of the work that goes on behind the scenes at Mable is to provide the infrastructure to address these payment issues and greatly reduce delays.

Without this infrastructure, getting invoices paid can be challenging. We are working with a large number of payment organisations on your behalf so you don’t have to think about it. Reducing the stress of having to handle financial interactions means you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

Reviews and feedback

Client rating and reviews of their experience with independent workers on the platform is just one of the ways we help consumers get to know you and be comfortable engaging you for support. Your rating and reviews are an important part of your brand and designed to help you build your business. It’s a way for your clients to recognise the great work you do.

You can report an incident with a client or provide feedback via a service log or call our team on 1300 73 65 73. Our incidents and complaints team reviews these incidents and complaints, and investigate when necessary, and if we feel our community is potentially at risk, we can remove clients from the platform. We also seek to learn from every incident, to improve the safety of our community. This serves as another layer of protection for you as an independent worker.

Our platform fees are one of the lowest in the industry, putting more money in your pocket

For every hour of support that’s delivered through the platform, Mable’s total platform charges (the difference between what a consumer pays and an independent worker receives) is less than 15%. There are no other hidden fees. That’s compared to often 50% – 60% charged by traditional providers and 30% for new online providers.

Our low platform fees beat other online platform providers hands down, with the savings being shared between you and your client. That means your client could pay less for support and can engage you for more hours, while you have the potential to earn more. It’s free to become part of our community and our fees only apply once you’re delivering services and receiving payment.

While our platform fees are low, we don’t compromise on the insurance cover arranged on your behalf or the on-boarding and safety features that are unique to Mable. That’s why we believe the Mable platform gets the balance right offering you compelling value for the level of benefits and protection.

You are part of a community

Each independent worker offering their services via Mable is strengthening our community. Together, you represent the future of the industry, offering flexible tailored and efficient support within a professional framework that clients can trust. As more clients learn the benefit of directly engaging support through the platform, more opportunities are delivered to you.

Mable also opens up invaluable opportunities for you to connect with, learn from and share with other independent workers in your community via closed online groups and in-person peer meetups.

Our Platform framework and our Community Code of Conduct are designed to keep Mable enjoyable, empowering, safe and inclusive. We’re about improving care and support for everyone: consumers and workers.

Mable is making a significant investment in offering consumers and independent workers such as yourself, a new and better way of engaging. We appreciate your ongoing support.

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