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Why building trust is key when it comes to support

Allowing people to provide support to you at home, in your own personal space, requires a great deal of trust. 

But sometimes this can be hard to achieve, especially if a provider sends someone who you don’t click with, or your care consists of a constantly changing staff roster that you can’t control.

A different approach is to manage your own home care. A relatively new concept to the industry, self-managing your Home Care Package gives you ultimate control over who provides you support, when they work and the types of services they deliver. 

Here’s how this model can help you find and connect with support workers you can trust, helping you feel comfortable and secure in your home.

You have real choice over who provides your care.

Being able to choose who enters your home may seem obvious, but it’s a significant issue in home care.

Recently, an independent report commissioned by Mable found those who self-managed their Home Care Package preferred this option because it gave them “genuine choice and control” over their care – much like a consumer purchasing a service.

As a website, Mable gives you the ability to choose your team of support by browsing the profiles of sole traders and small businesses providing care and support services in your local area. You can communicate with them securely via Mable and when you’re ready, have a meet and greet with them (either in person or via Mable’s video chat feature) and see if they are a good fit.

This approach gives you control over who works in your home, when they work, what type of services they offer and how much they get paid, so you feel comfortable with the care and support you receive. 

You can build trust with your support worker.

Building trust is important for any relationship, whether it’s a personal or professional arrangement. If you are able to rely on your support worker and know they respect you, you’re much more likely to feel more comfortable having them in your home.

Trust, though takes time to build. One of the benefits of choosing your support team is that you can make a conscious decision about who you want to support you, and then build a professional relationship with them over time. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s final report highlighted the importance of this sense of continuity in home care. “Older people get the best care from regular workers they know, who respect them and offer continuity of care as well as insights into their changing care needs and health requirements,” wrote the Commissioners.

The benefit of managing your own home care is you can engage the same support worker – or team of workers – rather than having different people turn up to your house each week. This gives you an opportunity to get to know someone over time, so you can build a great relationship based on trust.

You can choose your support worker knowing safeguards are in place.

It’s important when you’re finding and connecting with support workers that you know they have the right checks and qualifications.

While it’s a good idea to review credentials when you first meet a potential support worker, Mable also has safeguards in place to make this process easier for you. 

All of the people offering care and support services  via Mable have a current police check, and reference checks. If they offer a specific service such as personal care, nursing or allied health care, they must have the correct qualifications and be registered with a professional body if relevant.

Mable also allows clients to leave a star rating and review on their support workers profiles, so you can learn from people’s previous experience with a support worker and share your own review as well.

Managing your own home care is rewarding and can offer better outcomes, as it offers real choice and control over your services how you direct your funding. It’s an effective way to find that support worker you really trust, so you can continue to feel comfortable and secure in your space.

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