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Why agreements are important for you as an independent support worker

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It’s a question that we see popping up frequently amongst our independent support worker community; what’s the role of the agreement? If you’re offering your services directly to clients via Mable, your agreement is a commitment from you and your client about the work you will undertake. Read on to find out how it works.

As an independent support worker, you’re working for yourself. That means you have the ability to choose what clients you work with and the terms of your work. You choose your hours, your hourly rate, the services you provide and where you provide them. Because each session may be different, your agreement is important as it sets out the basis of your engagement with your client – with all of the details you’ve discussed and agreed together.

Your agreements on Mable

When you and a client decide to work together, you formalise your discussions within your Mable agreement about the nature of the work you will undertake. Not long ago, we wrote an article on tips for how to write your Mable agreement. It should include basics like where and when services will occur, which types of support you will be providing and what kind of activities you will be helping your client complete. We also recommend you include as much detail as possible, so there’s no confusion over expectations from both you and your client.

Mable agreements are flexible

When you enter into an agreement with a client, it is generally for a set period of time or a singular session. The Mable platform is designed to provide control and flexibility to both our clients and our independent support worker community. This flexibility is a big part of what we offer to both sides of the marketplace.

Members of our independent support worker community are often providing support directly to clients around family or study engagements, or even another role within community support or other industries. While most independent workers on the platform are engaged in long-term engagements with their clients, the nature of those can change all the time, and the platform is designed to allow both clients and workers to schedule support around their life.

Your Mable agreement has you covered

Remember – every hour of support invoiced via Mable comes with industry-leading insurances arranged on behalf of you as an independent worker. Mable has partnered with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance to arrange a suite of insurances on your behalf, protecting both you and your client for every support session logged and invoiced via Mable.

In order for this insurance cover to apply, you need to ensure:

  • You have created an agreement for the work.
  • The agreement has been approved by your client.
  • You have logged your timesheets following your shift.
  • Your client has approved your timesheets.

As long as you have ensured you follow the above process, all services invoiced through Mable are automatically covered by industry leading Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances along with Personal Accident coverage.

You can read more about the insurance coverage that Mable arranges on behalf of independent workers here.

You’re part of a bigger community with Mable

Being a member of the Mable community provides you and your clients with important protections. Our friendly team based in Sydney is here to support you when you need it. The platform also provides an important safety net, keeping confidential records of client interactions, service logs and service note as well as records of incidents and emergencies. Our safeguarding framework and our Community Code of Conduct are designed to keep Mable enjoyable, empowering, safe and inclusive for everyone – and both our workers and clients are subject to the code.

Interested in finding out how you can schedule work around your life supporting people within your community? Click through here.



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