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What’s the best thing about being an independent nurse on Mable?

Here at Mable, we’ve written about the benefits of working as an independent nurse on the platform. You can manage your work-life balance, provide clients with continuity of care and negotiate your own rates and the services you provide. But don’t just hear it from us. We spoke to two nurses currently offering services directly to clients via Mable to find out what working independently looks like for them.

Meet Sue

Sue has been a nurse for 12 years, having worked in agencies, home care and a hospital setting. She now works with one client with a disability via the Mable platform as well as part time through a nursing agency.

For Sue, working directly with clients in their home is better for her and her clients, as she’s able to deliver a more personal service that caters to their specific needs. The one-on-one attention she can deliver enables her to tailor the support to them and clients feel they are getting the services they want.

“In hospital, your clients are always different, at a nursing home you have to rush. This way, you get to know the client and what they like and dislike. It is more personal and rewarding.”

Typically, Sue supports clients with personal care like showering, dressing and toileting and with daily activities like feeding. There’s also some fun stuff, as Sue provides her client with social support and assistance with arts and crafts. Sue recognises the impact that the arrangement has on her as well as her client;

They feel safe and more comfortable, as it’s not someone different every day.”

Meet John

John joined Mable to pick up some additional work. With a history of working in aged care psychiatry, as a nurse, he has experience with patients with a range of high care needs, including dementia patients, and those with brain and spinal injuries

For John, the appeal of Mable was the breadth of opportunity available; it offered a choice of jobs that enabled John to select the type of work that he was interested in.

Working now with two clients, one with a disability and another who is ageing, John is able to work flexibly around his other commitments. The convenience and flexibility of Mable work well for John;

“It was so easy to set up, is easy to engage with. There’s no hassle.”

Like Sue, John doesn’t just see the Mable model as benefiting him. He also believes it benefits the client, enabling him to target care towards his clients’ needs, and avoiding the rush that’s often imposed on nurses working in more traditional settings.

“I now have the flexibility and have the time to care for their clinical needs. There are no restrictions, or hierarchical structures, it’s just you and the client, deciding how best to deliver that care.”

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