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Watch: Managing your NDIS plan + supports

Great news! If you missed the webinar “Managing your NDIS plan + supports” here is the full video recording. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars.

Here’s the transcript of the Q & A:

Guest: How do I know if I qualify for NDIS funding?

Barbel: The best thing you can do is go to the ‘access checker’ on the NDIS website. If you are currently receiving services, it is probably likely you will receive services under the NDIS. If your doctor says you have a disability that also is a pretty good guarantee that you will receive NDIS funding. If you receive a Disability Support Pension from Centerlink, you will most likely receive NDIS funding. These are some tips I can give you to find out if you are eligible.

Guest: How can I learn to self manage my plan?

Barbel: What you can do, is in your NDIS plan, ensure that you ask for self-management and also ask for help to manage your plan. You could say, “in order to self manage my plan here are 5 things I need to learn”.

Guest: Can I still get NDIS if I already have funding?

Barbel: NDIS replaces state funding. If you get funding for supports with your disability, then that will be replaced by the NDIS.

Guest: My husband has transferred from NDIS to the age pension, having just turned 65. Does all of this still apply?

Barbel: The NDIS is for people under 65. People over 65 are in the aged care sector. We recommend you go to My Aged Care Gateway if you are over 65.

Guest: Is this coordination of supports referring to Plan management?

Barbel: I can understand why you think they might be similar. However, they are two separate things. Plan management refers to the money and the contract. Coordination of support refers to making things happen and putting things in place.

Guest: Do I need to use NDIA registered providers only?

Barbel: It depends on what you do. If you are agency managed, and you are not self managed, you will only be able to use NDIS approved providers. If you choose to self manage or plan manage your funding, there is no need for you to use NDIS registered and approved providers.

Guest: What are some good questions you can share to ask a potential care worker?

Arahni: You can ask questions regarding the worker’s, work experience and qualifications. You may also like to ask what their hobbies and interests are, I find this important when looking for a support worker. Another important question to ask when looking for a potential care worker is if they know how to teach my son and transfer skills such as cooking or housework.

Guest: Has it been easier for you to find a careworker you can have an ongoing relationship with on Mable?

Arahni: No brainer, yes! It has been much easier to find a care worker that my son can have an ongoing relationship with on Mable. Shai has one main support worker, Kelly. She supports my son three nights a week since September last year. Only once has she has asked for a day off.

Guest: Do you prefer staff with qualifications or do you look for other attributes?

Arahni: In my case I do look for qualifications. But it is a really personal thing. I don’t think that’s necessarily important going forward for the NDIS. It is important to just find someone who has personal attributes or someone who you get along with. E.g. on the Mable platform you can choose care workers based on whether they are ‘outgoing and engaging’ or ‘calm and relaxed’.

Guest: What happens if your workers are late or miss a shift?

Arahni: That has never happened to my son Shai. However, if a worker said they cant do a shift, I would text another worker and they would get back to me. But usually the care workers on Mable talk amongst themselves, and form a ‘Buddie system’.

Guest: If I receive compensation for an injury will this affect my NDIS funding I have received fund for a long term disability?

Barbel: The NDIS has nothing to do with your income or your disability support pension. Parallel to the NDIS there is a scheme of accident compensation rolling in. If you have received a compensation payment already, my gut feeling is that money will have to be used. But if that eventually ran out, my feeling is that you could go back to the NDIS – but i am not certain about that.

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