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Valuing your team of supports

If you’re an NDIS participant and already using Mable to engage independent support workers, you may have heard about the recent changes to the NDIS price guide, which includes a 4.5% increase in the price limit for attendant care and community access, and a corresponding increase in your plan. The Mable model means you typically pay significantly lower rates than the NDIS price guide, the recent changes are a good opportunity to demonstrate you value your independent workers by sharing some of the price increases with them.

2019 NDIS price review and how it impacts you

As reported by Disability Services Consulting, the NDIA recently released the new NDIS Price Guides, which came into effect on 1 July 2019. We’ve summarised below some of the big changes which impact what participants can be charged for services. 

  • Loading for supports delivered in remote areas has doubled, and is now 40% and 50% in very remote areas.
  • A 4.5% price increase for supports listed under Assistance with Daily Living and Community Participation in response to the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage review.
  • A 2.1% price increase for capacity building supports, including support coordination and therapy.
  • A new Temporary Transformation Payment (“TTP”) of an additional 7.5% has been introduced for Registered Providers of attendant care (including personal care) and community access (if they fulfil certain fairly basic requirements). Mable does not charge this fee.

For example, the price limit for “Assistance with Self-Care Activities” Standard Week has risen from $48.14/hour to $52.85/hour, and even higher to $56.81 when you include TTP.  

You would have noticed that your NDIS funding has been  automatically increased (or indexed) to reflect the recent price guide changes, as most Registered Providers will have increased their prices to reflect the new price limits in the Price Guide, and in most cases, they will also charge a price that includes the TTP. This means you should have more funding in your plan to pay for the increases in support rates.

In response to these changes to the price guide, it’s not only traditional providers who have raised their prices. One prominent online provider, has announced that they have increased their prices by 14.2% from $42/hour to $47.95/hour. Only $2.50/hour (an 8% increase) of this $6/hour price increase is being passed to their workers.

Mable offers a unique support model to clients, which means you can be flexible about what you pay and equally, independent workers can decide what they charge. You and your chosen independent workers agree these rates together. By using Mable to engage your support team directly, you are already likely paying significantly lower rates than the rates in the old NDIS price  guide.

The July 1st price limit increases and the increases to your funding offer you the opportunity to use some of your additional funding to recognise and reward your existing support workers, those you truly value, by potentially raising their hourly rate, and putting more money into their pockets!

The value of a great support team

At Mable, we don’t only believe in enabling clients to access flexible, affordable support on their own terms. We also believe in great support workers getting a better deal. We know you truly value your support workers also and the great connections you build through these support relationships. Many independent support workers from the Mable community have joined Mable after being employed within the traditional sector where they were not previously able to build individual connections with participants as the choice of when, where and how you wanted your support delivered was decided by the provider’s capacity and rostering capability. Mable enables the right support to be delivered at the right time and at the right price, negotiated between you and your worker.

Mable’s low fees (which remain unchanged) not only mean you can pay less per hour for support; they also mean your workers have the potential to earn more. 

In the context of these price limit increases and the additional funds now  available in your plans, we encourage you to consider your workers’ rates. As the NDIS continues its rollout, the value of skilled, dedicated support workers will only continue to increase. You can let your workers know how much you value their work by increasing or indexing their rates to reflect changes to the NDIS price guide. 

If I do want to increase the rates of my workers, what should I do?

You can discuss your proposal to increase the hourly rate directly with your support workers. If you do agree a revised hourly rate, ask your workers to send you a revised agreement via the Mable platform. Once you have accepted the revised agreement, all new services logged on the platform will reflect the new agreed hourly rate.

How Mable’s prices compare to traditional provider models

The below chart outlines how we stack up compared with other online providers, as well as traditional providers who typically charge the NDIS price limit (or cap rate) for your supports. The comparison is based on an illustrative agreed rate of $40 between you and an independent worker via Mable.

Using the rate of $47.95 per hour (an hourly rate offered by other online providers), your independent worker will receive $41.10 in their pocket.

So, why not start the discussion with your independent workers? Remember, you’ll need to request a new agreement from them if you would like to make an adjustment to their hourly rates.

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