Using your NDIS funding to build a team of supports with Mable: how it works

Mythbusters: your NDIS funding and Mable

Although the NDIS is meant to simplify obtaining supports, it can be challenging for those navigating it for the first time. So, we’d like to share some good news about Mable and the NDIS, and show you how to use your own funding to build a team of supports.

After this short read you’ll know just how easy it is to use your funding to build a team of supports on Mable, designed around your life and your personal needs.

If you have access to NDIS funding, how you work with us depends on how the funding is being managed.

Can I use Mable if I’m self-managed?
Yes, you can! You can register on our website and start hiring workers. You’re welcome to message them or to Post a Job to a few workers. When you’ve found someone you’d like to hire, we’ll just need a copy of the page in your NDIS plan that confirms you’re self-managed. Timesheets and invoices are kept online, and you can easily access them for reporting.

Mable client David Crawford has recruited workers in his local community to join the Mable platform and be part of his team. He is currently self-managing half of his plan while “he gets to know the NDIS and its ins and outs”. David self-manages his community access, health and wellbeing, consumables and support coordination.

David says, “You just have a lot more freedom of choice to allocate the funds as you choose and it is stress-free. There is no approval process that can take up valuable time. All you need to do to self-manage is set up a simple spreadsheet to track your spending and develop a monthly budget so you don’t overspend.”

What about if I’m plan managed?
Yes, you can work with us! Sign up and search for the support that’s right for you. Once you’ve found someone, we’ll need to confirm your funding. Your plan manager will then need to email us advising they will pay invoices on your behalf. It’ll take us a day to verify your account, then you can hire your first support worker.
Find out more here.

What about if my funding is agency-managed/NDIA-managed?
Again, this shouldn’t stop you from finding and hiring your team through Mable.

Do you have a registered NDIS provider? If so, we need to know they’ll be happy to work with Mable. You can ask them to get in touch with us on 1300 73 65 73 to confirm, and if they are, you can go ahead and start hiring!
If your existing provider can’t help you work with Mable, we can refer you to one of our Approved Provider Partners. Then you can go ahead and start building your team of supports.

Need to know more? Here are some answers to the questions most commonly asked by consumers:

Can I only use one provider?
Under the NDIS you’re no longer limited to just one service provider. You get to mix and match your support providers, in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle.

I can only use an NDIS registered provider and Mable isn’t one of them. Does that mean I can’t use Mable?
The NDIS is very supportive of our work in bringing choice and control to NDIS participants across Australia. We are not currently registered with the NDIS but depending on how you’re managing your NDIS funding, you can still hire a support worker through the platform. And you can bring along existing supports, too.
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Is it safe?
We have industry leading safeguards in place and take the safety of our community very seriously. Our worker onboarding process is one of the most rigorous in the business, and we arrange insurance on behalf for workers for any work delivered through the Mable platform.
Find out more about what we do to keep the community safe. 

What if I can’t find the right worker?
If you ever reach a roadblock, please contact us so we can work together to build your team. You can even bring on board people in the community who have supported you in past, whether that’s a friend, neighbour or personal trainer, for example.

Will the NDIS replace my disability support pension? Do I get to keep my mobility allowance?
For the nitty gritty questions like this one, you’re better off going to the source. The NDIS centre is now open 8am to 11pm, Monday to Friday. You can call 1800 800 110 or otherwise visit the website.

The NDIA also has a weekly Question and Answer session which is published here. You can submit questions through the weekly NDIS Q & A posts on their Facebook page or through Twitter #ndisqanda.