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Understanding your agreement on Mable

Receiving support through the Mable platform means you have the ability to choose which worker (or workers) are right for you. But before you receive support from a worker, you will need to complete an agreement on our platform. An agreement means you can confirm rates and support details and it also means your support worker is covered with insurance coverage. We want to help you understand why agreements are crucial when finding support on Mable.

Once you have connected and negotiated terms with a suitable support worker, you will need to request an agreement from them which will confirm payment rates and details of the support.

Agreeing on a payment rate

When you visit a worker’s profile, you can usually see their recommended weekend, weekday and 24-hour shift payment rates alongside their weekly availability. These rates are generally a guide, so depending on your situation you may negotiate these rates with the worker. To start this process, click “contact to book” and message a chosen worker on Mable. Once you have agreed on the details, the worker will send you an official agreement. It’s very important you message within the platform for your safety, and to ensure insurance coverage is provided.

What should you look for in an agreement?

We advise support workers on our platform to provide thorough agreements, so you can be confident in exactly how much you will pay and what services you will receive. The agreement should include:

  • who you are
  • who they are and what services they are offering
  • the hourly rate you and the support worker have agreed to
  • the time and date of the shift or shifts
  • and a reminder of the total hourly cost of support, which should reflect the agreed hourly rate plus 5%

Your safety is our priority

Once you have made an agreement through the Mable platform, your support worker is immediately covered by a suite of insurance policies for any shifts worked under the agreement. By agreeing to our terms and conditions as a user of Mable, you and your support worker will be covered by these policies – you can read more about them If you face costs or damages following an incident with a support worker, these covers provide you with complete peace of mind. You will not be covered for work arranged or invoiced outside the Mable platform.

Keeping track of your support

We let you keep track of every completed shift. On your Mable account, you can review all your received services by selecting “Timesheet” on the left menu. Here you can see the hours worked and specific shift notes outlining these services. Your support worker will create these shift details and all you have to do is review and approve it within 24 hours for the timesheet to be invoiced and the support worker to receive payment.

If you’d like any more information on the agreement process between you and your support worker, you can visit our Help Centre.

To start receiving quality and safe support from independent workers on the Mable platform, you can search for support workers in your local area today.

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