How Important is a High Quality Photo for Your Support Worker Profile?

Did you know that smiling in your profile picture could double the chances of a client messaging you?

Your profile photo is a potential client’s first impression of you. So it’s important you stand out! Make 2021 the year you upgrade your profile photo to stand out to potential new clients.

7 tips on getting the perfect shot

Here are some tips on nailing that professional image:

  1. Use a decent camera or smartphone to take your photos – You certainly don’t have to hire a professional photographer.
  2. Have someone else take your photo – Save the selfies for social media. You don’t want it to be taken too close or too far away. Think in terms of a passport photo. In fact, if you like, you can look for a business that offers passport photography such as a newsagent, post office or chemist.
  3. Pick the best of the lot – Take 10 to 20 shots and then sit down and work out which is the best one.
  4. Dress appropriately for your work – Your clothing should be clean, tidy and fit well. You don’t have to dress in a suit. Wear what you would typically wear for a support shift and wear your hair neatly.
  5. Pick a plain background – Stand in front of a neutral-coloured wall for best results. A ‘busy’ background makes it harder to see your face.
  6. Look into the camera – This is the photographic equivalent of eye contact, which conveys likeability and trustworthiness.
  7. Smile! Let your photo reflect your warmth and friendliness.

Never miss an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Your profile photo could make all the difference to how many times you are approached by customers on Mable.

To make changes to your profile photo, please email your request to the Mable Support Team at