The Australian: Call for new work laws for aged care

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You can now use your government funding to shop around for the best deal when it comes to your aged care services. Changes to consumer directed care legislation now give you greater flexibility and choice, with increased affordability when making decisions about your home care.

Rick Morton from The Australian writes that these legislative changes will give ageing Australians the opportunity to break free from the traditional “institutionalised” residential aged-care system. However, Morton raises that this additional support could stall without aggressive reforms in employment laws and regulation.

Mable has contributed information to the CIS Aged Care Report‘Achieving the Benefits of the Consumer-Directed Aged Care Reforms in the New Economy‘, released early this week. Dr Jeremy Sammut, from CIS, suggests in the report that the government should set standards, but “revisit mandatory qualification requirements for care workers to make it easier for those without industry experience to seek employment in the sector”.

In the CIS report, Dr Sammut also suggests that the government should “examine how employment laws might be applied to an individual engaging another individual to provide personal care and domestic services, to clarify the status of care workers as independent contractors hired directly by consumers”. Dr Sammut writes how Uber-style peer-to-peer online platforms, such as Mable are now available to “connect consumers directly with self-employed care workers” and this could potentially “double the amount of flexible and personalised care and support consumers receive.”

Original article appeared in The Australian on 10th April 2017.