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The April public holidays will be here before you know it – remember to arrange the support you may need

Easter and Anzac Day will be here in matter of weeks. For Aussies everywhere, it’s a time for rising at dawn for a service, backyard BBQs or simply some much needed R&R. However you choose to spend the public holidays, make sure you have the support you need ahead of time.

Check in with your independent workers to make sure you’re on the same page. Chances are, if you’re receiving support from a team you know well, you have your long weekend schedules worked out. But if you’ve just started working with someone new, it can be a good idea to make sure they will be available over the public holidays. It’s not unusual for independent workers to charge a little more if they will be working during a public holiday, so be prepared that they may wish to discuss alternative rates with you over this time. If you find that your usual support workers will be away over the break, you might need to make alternative, short-term arrangements.

What is the best way to find short-term support, fast?

We recommend in the first instance asking your existing independent workers whether they would recommend someone who could fill their shifts if they plan to be away. Many workers on the Mable platform have support worker ‘buddies’ – other workers on the platform who have similar skills who they could recommend to you to help cover a shift.

In the instance your support worker doesn’t have anyone they could recommend, there are two ways to find the support you need via Mable. You can search for workers based on your requirements; your location, the skills you need in a worker, language and more. Once you find a worker you think fits what you’re looking for, you can send them a message directly to see whether they would be available.  Alternatively, you can post a job. Posting a job allows you to describe your requirements in detail, and send it out to all available workers in your area. Workers who are interested will be able to approach you directly. If you need to fill a short term job fast, we recommend posting a job, which will ensure that you reach available and willing workers in your area. While searching for workers is an effective means of finding the right people, the process can take a little longer.

Planning anything special over the long weekend?

If you’re planning to do something different over the long weekend, now is the time to think about any additional support you might need. Wanting to plan a last minute getaway? We’ve worked with clients on the platform who have found support to travel with them for a weekend escape, or hired someone local to their holiday destination. Keen to take the family to the Easter show? Or head to the city for a game of two-up on Anzac Day? Find the support you need to make it happen.

Post a job today and make sure you have the right support over the long weekend and public holidays coming up.

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