4 reasons why seniors are using technology

Elderly couple sitting comfortably on a sofa with their backs holding remote home control system on a digital tablet

The internet benefits everyone, and in fact the elderly are using it more than ever. Here are four major benefits of seniors using technology:

Mental health

Not only is the internet a great source of entertainment but it will also keep seniors’ minds active and engaged. There have been numerous studies that prove the positive benefits of seniors getting online. Recently, in the journal of Intelligence research found that seniors at present have better mental capabilities than those who were tested almost a decade ago, with a key cause being the increased use of technology. Other studies have found the internet stimulates the brain and lessens the risk of dementia and depression.

Social connectivity 

Technology decreases feelings of isolation for seniors – as they have the opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends online and they can also participate in a wider part of society via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype. Online businesses are tapping into the trend of tech savvy seniors:


Online shopping anyone?


One of the major benefits of seniors having access to technology is that they can get help at the push of a button. There are tracking services, medical aids, and remote monitoring systems available. There is also an iPhone feature that allows someone to quickly access your information during a medical emergency, even when your phone is locked.

Okay, so now we know all the benefits – how can we get our elderly loved ones online?

Digital Assistance

If you are ready to get your loved one online, there are plenty of accessibility features available on iPhones and iPad’s which will help make seniors’ interaction with technology easier. Features such as: enlarging text, voice control, connecting hearing aids etc.

Courses available 

Have no fear! There are senior computer courses available in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Northern Beaches Community College offer classes that will teach you the essential skills for computers, tablets and smart phones. You can enrol here.

Courses include:

  • Become a cyber senior
  • Android tablets for beginners
  • Organise your files and photos
  • Mac for beginners
  • Photo editing using Picasa

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