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Supporting a client during the Commonwealth Games? What you need to know

Are you planning to support clients during the Commonwealth Games? It’ll be the largest event the Gold Coast has ever seen. There’s a lot of excitement, but also some concern about the disruption expected to roads and services. Here’s how you can continue to support your clients without a hitch.

Mable’s local Community Engagement Manager, Jodie Schleusener, got the inside scoop from Get Set for the Games on what to expect and what action to take so your business can run as normal.

Find out more about road closures

There won’t be road closures on the M1, even during the Games, but a reduced speed limit will apply from 1 March, by 10 km/hour. Some roads will be closed from 25 March.

If your client lives in a road closure zone

Residents in road closure zones will have received a form to complete for a Local Area Pass. This is a permit to get in and out of their street. If you are providing support to a client in one of these areas, they will need to nominate you on this form (so you have access). No street parking will be allowed on closed roads, so your clients will need to provide you with off street parking.

Plan ahead for new clients

If you are responding to new job posts for jobs happening during the Games period, ask if the client lives in an area with road closures so you can plan ahead. When you set your hourly rate, take into account potential extra travel time. Discuss this with clients so everyone has realistic expectations.

Driving to last-minute jobs

What happens if you’re responding to a last-minute job post during the Games and the client lives in a road closure area? If you need to drive and do not have a pre-arranged Local Area Pass, you will need to have photo ID and access to your Mable profile to show Security at the checkpoint that you are a support worker providing urgent care to a client. It will be at the discretion of Security whether they allow you to pass. Again, there will be no on street parking allowed, so off street parking will need to be pre-arranged.

More buses

More public transport buses will be provided during the Games and bus routes will only change where there are road closures. Buses will be allowed to use Games lanes.

Pre-book with Park n Ride

If you are attending a Games event with your client and you need to park a vehicle to catch public transport, you need to pre-book with Park n Ride. There will be no access to Park n Ride areas without a booking. The usual commuter car parks at train stations are highly likely to be full so don’t rely on these.

Download the Freight App

The current Interactive Travel Map will not give live updates during the Games. Freight App is your best bet for real-time traffic updates.

Make sure you can run your business on the go. Download the Mable App for iPhone or Android.

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