Build a support team that can help enrich your life with Mable

Sometimes, one helping hand might not be enough. For the times when you’d like more stability and comfort, you can turn to Mable to build our your team of supports. Here are some tips on how you can do just that!

With Mable, there is no limit to the hours of support you can receive.

Finding care and support, whether it’s for aged care or disability support, can beba tricky, expensive and even daunting experience. For many, the first step to discovering stable support is to secure funding that will point you in the right direction. Then comes the hunt for a support service that suits your needs.

A common challenge that many support seekers face is discovering a solution that ensures they can monitor, manage and review their support in one place. Does this sound familiar? Mable might just be the right option for you.

You can connect with one support worker, or organise a whole team of supports.

Mable, in its simplest sense, is an online platform that enables Australians seeking support to connect with those looking to provide it such as independent support workers in their local area.

By returning power and control back into the hands of those seeking support, Mable enriches the lives of thousands. And by matching workers to clients through an easy-to-use online platform, Mable motivates workers to build their business and clients to be in the driver’s seat on their support journey.

Although we are online, Mable is all about creating a strong community spirit, and the clients using our platform are at the centre of that community.

One of the ways Mable fosters a strong support network is by giving clients the option to receive support from multiple workers – not just one.

There are so many different ways Mable can let you in control of your (or your loved ones’) support:

If you’re independent from your parents or guardian, live with a disability and are interested in a little domestic assistance, you can hop on to the Mable platform, sign up for free and begin searching for local support workers that meet your important criteria. If you’re keen to get closely involved with your local community further down the track, you can log on to Mable at any time and connect with a worker who you think would be great at providing you social support.

Has your partner expressed the need for a little support for personal matters? You can visit Mable and create a profile on behalf of your loved one. By posting a job or taking a look around for workers on the platform, you can begin to build a personalised support team that can provide a range of support services such as hygiene assistance, nursing services and therapy supports. With Mable, support can be right at your fingertips.

If you think your parents could benefit from an extra hand, you can create unique accounts for each of them at Mable. If you consider yourself the main carer of your loved ones, you can monitor and manage all their supports through the Mable online platform. For example, if your father needs support from an Allied Health professional, you can search specifically for workers offering these services through the platform. If your mother would benefit from having a caring, qualified individual look over her medication and daily health routine, you can also search for local workers providing these supports. With multiple workers in one house, you can encourage them to work together to help enrich the lives of your loved ones.

Mable is a platform that can help unique individuals build teams of supports – regardless of their support requirements. Take a look at Mable to discover how many workers are in your local area.