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How to stand out from the crowd on Mable

It may sound cheesy but the key to being successful is to be positive – and show it! To make that gruelling profile picture-picking process a little easier, the Mable platform can now give you a few personalised tips.

Images are the most powerful tools you can use when marketing yourself and your unique business. A good quality photo can go a very long way – in fact, a photo of you smiling can double your chances of receiving a message from a client.

At Mable, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our platform to help your independent business thrive. That’s why our platform now gives you personalised tips to help you choose the best quality photo of yourself.

When uploading a profile picture to your Mable profile, our facial recognition technology will judge the quality of your uploaded image and will let you know whether your photo is unclear, if there are multiple faces in your photo or if anything is obstructing your face. Most importantly, it will remind you to smile in your profile photo!

Here are some of the messages you might see when uploading your profile picture:

“We’ve noticed your photo might contain other people. Try uploading another with just you!”
It’s great to show that you’re personable and friendly in your profile picture. But if your photo has more than one person in it, clients won’t know which person is you! If you see this message but really want to use that photo, consider cropping the other person from the image.

“Are there sunglasses covering your face? If so, we need to see your eyes, so try uploading another!”
A photo of you taken outdoors might have good lighting, but if you’re wearing sunglasses in that photo, clients are missing out on a very important and recognisable feature – your eyes. Take the time to get that perfect photo even if it means getting a friend or family member to help you out.

“Clear and well-lit photos look professional and will help you stand out from the crowd when clients are looking for workers!”
If your uploaded photo is too dark or too blurry, you might see this message. A dark image is much more likely to go unnoticed by clients as it lacks clarity and visual interest. If you’re trying to take a new photo of yourself, natural lighting is best, so try waiting until daytime to capture your profile picture.

“Let’s leave the drawings and filters for social media! We need a clear photo of just you”
It’s tempting to use an image with a little more pizazz. But clients on Mable are only interested in seeing a genuine, friendly and clear photo of you. Try turning off the filters when capturing your photo – we guarantee you’ll still look good!

“Don’t forget to smile! A smile goes a long way – in fact, it can make you twice as likely to get messaged by clients!”
That’s right – you double your chances of being contacted by clients on the Mable platform if you’re smiling in your profile picture. Positive images – particularly those with smiling people – do wonders for any business and are a great marketing technique for those managing their own business.

Here’s what you’ll see if your uploaded photo is spot-on:

If you’re an approved support worker on the platform and want to update your profile picture, send a message and your new photo to Our team will update your profile within 5 business days.

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