Do you know what you can spend your Home Care Package funding on?

A recent report by Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) shows that unspent home care funds in Australia run to over $200 million. LASA has suggested directing this funding back into the system to meet a shortfall of over 100,000 Home Care Packages.

It may be that some home care package funding isn’t being spent because recipients aren’t aware of how much funding they have. It’s also possible that some recipients don’t know what they are able to spend their Home Care Package funding on.

While this is ultimately something you agree with your Approved Provider and set out in your care plan, you have a lot more choice and scope than you may realise when it comes to accessing home care services with your funding.

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care site provides a good overview of services. But we’ve dug a bit deeper to find the full list of home care services provided in the Quality of Care Principles 2014 on the Federal Register of Legislation website, Schedule 3 – Care and services for home care services.

Here are some services you may not have known about:

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There are also package supplements available for specific care needs:

The Dementia and Cognition Supplement provides 10% additional funding for home care recipients with “moderate to severe levels of cognitive impairment associated with dementia or other conditions.“ This is available with any of the four levels of Home Care Packages.

The Veterans’ Supplement provides 10% additional funding, also on top of the Home Care Package, for veterans with a mental health condition related to their service.

Your guide to home care package services is available in 18 languages on the My Aged Care site. You can also download Your pathway to accessing a home care package if you’re just starting on the journey.

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