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Self-managing an NDIS plan? Discover how Mable can work for you

Do you want complete control of your supports while managing your NDIS plan? Want to engage and schedule support workers on your own terms? Mable can help you get more from your self-managed plan and help you get the control you deserve.

What does it mean to ‘self-manage’ an NDIS plan?
Self-managing your plan is where you choose which supports to buy to meet your support and lifestyle goals. According to the NDIA, by self-managing a plan, you have choice, flexibility and capacity to connect with support directly. You also have the ability to negotiate costs of support and can experience the freedom of control. Here at Mable, we ensure that everyone seeking support experiences these benefits – not just those with a self-managed NDIS plan.

How does self-management work?
In a self-managed plan, the NDIA will provide you funds for the supports you self-schedule and organise. The way in which these funds are provided to you will differ depending on your plan and preferences.

If you’re self-managing a plan, you can connect directly with independent disability support workers, schedule support sessions, organise initial meet-ups with workers and pay for supports all via Mable. When self-managing a plan and scheduling supports on a platform like Mable, you’ll cover many responsibilities, including finalising agreements, managing your funding, and paying for supports.

So, what kind of funding comes with a self-managed plan?
With a self-managed plan, you might receive up to three types of support budgets: core budget, capacity building budget, and capital budget.

  • Your core budget would cover assistance with daily living, social and community participation, transport or consumables (these include everyday items you may need)
  • Your capacity building budget would cover living arrangement costs, employment-related support, training, wellbeing and health costs and more
  • Your capital budget would cover the costs of any assistive technologies or home modifications you might purchase

How does Mable fit in with a self-managed NDIS plan?
When self-managing, you get to choose who supports you! And with Mable, you can connect with independent support workers in your local community. Each worker on the Mable platform is a self-employed contractor and is manually verified by the Mable Team. Every approved worker will have:

  • relevant safety checks,
  • an ABN to verify their business,
  • a suite of insurance covers,
  • and verified qualifications and skills.

So, how much will it cost?
It’s so important to have a clear understanding of how much you’re paying for support. With Mable, each independent support worker sets unique ‘indicative rates’. Once you connect with a worker, you’ll discuss and agree to an amount that suits you both.

And what’s the payment process on Mable?
Once you’ve received support from a worker on Mable, you’ll need to approve their timesheet – this will enable our platform to submit your payment to the worker. To keep the payment process smooth and quick for you and your worker, we ask you to provide your bank details when joining the Mable community.

Information regarding self-management was provided by the NDIS Self Management Guide.

Ready to experience the choice, flexibility and control that comes with self-managing and connecting via Mable? Head to Mable today to get started.

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