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What role will you play in this year’s Disability Action Week?

Regardless of ability, there is space for every Australian to play a role during Disability Action Week. Whether you’re part of a business, community organisation, want to raise awareness individually or want to improve accessibility in your local cafe, restaurant or club, this week is your time help create a community that is more inclusive, aware and accessible.

Sparked by All Abilities Queensland, Disability Action Week helps to empower people living with a disability, improve access and inclusion for all people and raise awareness of disability issues.

So, what role will you play this Disability Action Week?
This information has been provided by All Abilities Queensland.

Take action as a business or community organisation
Will you be spending most of your week at work? Or, at your local market, school or university? You might even be taking the week off and visiting some local cafes, restaurants and facilities. Wherever you’ll be this week, take some time to recognise whether a person living with a disability can access the facilities you use and do the things you might take for granted.

  • In each of the buildings you visit this week, do they have an accessible bathroom? If not, what’s the alternative?
  • Is access to each building or facility clear? Does it have a ramp? Is there enough space in waiting rooms for people using a mobility aid?
  • If you’re an employer, take a moment to check job descriptions for your company – could the role be a little more flexible to accommodate people living with a disability? Does the description really match the essentials of the role?
  • Do you provide information about your business or organisation in multiple formats or languages, such as information in Braille or Easy English?
  • Does your business, favourite cafe or local facility have a disability action plan that allows people living with a disability to feel accommodated?
  • And, can you work directly with your business’s board, local council or committee to ensure inclusion and accessibility?

Take action as a disability-aware individual
An important part of being aware of people’s differing abilities is allowing communication that can be understood by everybody.

  • If you see an opportunity to give someone an extra hand, make sure you take it, and be open to their abilities.
  • Try not to make assumptions about what a person can or can’t do, and remain open about an individual’s abilities.
  • Speak to people with a disability directly rather than through their support worker, carer or interpreter.
  • If you haven’t understood what a person says to you, simply ask them to repeat what they’ve said.

As a solution for disability support across communities in Australia, Mable works to improve awareness and inclusiveness for everyone. Mable’s purpose, values and vision strongly resonate with All Abilities Queensland and as a support platform, we hope to build a community where all people are respected, are able to contribute and are considered equal.

Are you looking for support to help you get involved with your wider community, or want a hand visiting your local club, restaurant, cafe or study sessions? Whenever you’re ready for support, you can connect with independent disability workers from your local community on Mable.

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