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People of Mable: Natasha Trgo

Mable: Hi, Tash – Thanks for sharing your People of Mable story. Can you please tell us what your role is at Mable? 

I am a Marketing Executive at Mable – Currently my role focuses on managing our CRM software, which includes mass communications for support workers and clients, SMS, emails and marketing automation. I also assist with retention and elevation programs for our community of independent workers, which includes their learning and development such as the launch of the Mable Learning Hub, facilitating over 120+ courses.   

Mable: If you could meet any person alive or dead – who would it be? 

I find human behaviour so intriguing and there’s always so much to learn in this space. Definitely, Sigmund Freud – it would be so interesting to meet him and pick his brain as he contributed to so many of the psychological theories we utilise today – especially his theories about personality, behavioural psych, and the unconscious mind.

Mable: How is Mable different to other aged care / disability services?  

Our platform puts the individual first – empowering people to achieve their goals and live their best lives! Mable allows clients to have complete flexibility to choose who supports them and workers can manage their own business on their terms. We also cut out the middleman to make costs more affordable.

Mable: Awesome! What excites you about working at Mable?

Making a difference. I like that we can measure our impact and speak to the community firsthand. We are enabling clients and support workers’ to achieve their goals. Allowing support workers have a thriving business on Mable and Clients can achieve their aspirations and live independently. 

Mable: Is there something interesting that your colleagues don’t know about you? 

After I left school, I studied at UNSW whilst working full time. I am really goal-oriented and like to challenge myself if that be travelling overseas by myself or learning new skills. Currently, I am educating myself on mindfulness, emotional kinesiology and human energy. 

Mable: What is a memory you treasure the most from Mable? 

September last year we hosted in-person training which was definitely a highlight – where we invited the top independent support workers on Mable in the office for the day. Observing their passion, drive and dedication was extremely inspiring. You could tell they absolutely love the work they do and we’re extremely grateful to be growing their independent support business on Mable.  

Mable: Who in your career has been the most impactful to you and what did they do? 

Peter Scutt, Mable co-founder and CEO. It has been very inspiring to see Peter bring Mable to life based on his personal experience. Peter’s passion and dedication has always shone through. Mable is able to improve the lives of thousands of people and it all started with Peter’s idea. 

Mable: What was your first-ever job?

I had a ‘babysitting business’ when I was 14. I lived in an apartment building and the residents became my client base. I promoted my business through door knocking and handing out flyers. 

Mable: If you could wave a magic wand and something in the industry is changed, what would it be?

NDIS and HCP’s are becoming more innovative with how people can manage their funding – so it would be great for there to be more education out there for consumers about funding levels and asking the right questions before you get started.

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