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People of Mable – Mirella Manna

Hi, Mirella – Thanks for sharing your People of Mable story. Can you please tell us what your role is at Mable? 

Mirella: I am the Community Engagement Manager. I love my role because I am passionate about building inclusive communities where people belong and feel valued. 

Mable: Awesome! What excites you about working at Mable?

Mirella: For me, it’s the connections that are made daily via the Mable platform. Mable is an amazing tool that facilitates connection whilst allowing the users to be really self directed with their needs. Community members always share their joy of finding such connections and how it enhances their quality of life. 

Mable: What is a memory you treasure the most from this year at work? 

Mirella: Dec 3rd 2019 – International Day of People with Disability. We partnered with Football NSW and hosted a Gala day for 100 students with disabilities across Western Sydney to play football/soccer. It was wonderful seeing such a diverse group of individuals being active and having fun! The feedback kept me on a high for the rest of the week!

Mable: If you could meet any person alive or dead – who would it be? 

Mirella: Oh I am always so torn when asked this question – but it always comes back to my Nonno (Grandfather). He was diagnosed with Dementia and passed away in an Aged Care facility. I still remember it like it was yesterday, running down the hallway hoping that he was not alone and that I got the chance to say goodbye. I’d love to chill with him again and soak in all the lessons he tried to teach, but took for granted.

Mable: Who in your career has been the most impactful to you and what did they do? 

Mirella: People with disability and their family members – nothing compares really! I once supported an intelligent young man, with an impressive memory and heightened senses. However, because he was deaf/blind with an intellectual disability, I was told he would never do anything with his life – challenge accepted.

Through months of hard work, a strengths-based approach and working with a team of support workers, he was navigating his new home, showering and brushing his teeth and making tea. When I called his father to tell him, he broke down and cried and said that he was told his son would never amount to anything. 

This experience and many very similar lessons taught me to surround yourself with people who believe in you, who support you and who will fight alongside you. 

Mable: What do you do when you are stressed out? 

Mirella: When I’m feeling stressed out or experiencing increased levels of anxiety, firsty I remind myself to BREATH, then I will take a break, put on my favourite tune, sing and dance my heart out, haha! 

Mable: If you could wave a magic wand and something in the industry is changed, what would it be?

That people with disability can stop fighting for equal rights and representation and that it just happens! In all aspects – jobs, education, accessibility. 

Mable: How is Mable different to other aged care / disability services?  

Mirella: There are many great differences, here are the main ones from my view:

  • Professionals can build their own business on Mable with the right safeguards, verifications, insurances, learning opportunities and more. 
  • Locals are supporting locals and choosing workers in their community. 
  • The whole platform is self directed and allows the individual to choose what is best for their life. 

Thank you Mirella for sharing your story. Your passion and kindness really shines through your work.

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