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Over 90% of Mable care and support workers self-identify as LGBTI friendly

Rainbow Flag consists of six stripes, with the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet

The second National LGBTI Aging and Aged Care conference is being held in Melbourne on October 26th and 27th.

The Conference aims to explore how communities, governments, service providers and older LGBTI people work together to promote healthy ageing for older LGBTI people and to ensure that the needs of older LGBTI people are understood, respected and addressed in Australia’s aged care policies, programs and services.

[LGBTI is an umbrella term to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and other sexuality, sex and/or gender diverse people.]

With up to 11% of the Australian population being of diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender, it is important to consider the needs of LGBTI people as distinct individuals and to take into account the diversity within the groups to which they belong.

Mable is an Inclusive, person-centred community care model that can cater to the diversity of LGBTI community. Over 90% of our approved care workers self-identify as LGBTI friendly. Of these, almost 14%, have completed the National LGBTI Health Alliance Aged Care Awareness Training:

‘I have completed LGBTI training, and worked with clients in the LGBTI community. Recognising, respecting and understanding the needs and support required for LGBTI clients has broadened and enhanced my appreciation of this community and its diversity. Essentially, with awareness and understanding, you realise that their needs are no different to those of the broader community’.

– Chris S.

‘I was fortunate enough to have done a short course on working and caring for people from the LGBTI community. It taught us to respect, and be totally non judgemental. Now having worked with people of the LGBTI community, I have learnt to be sensitive to and inclusive of their needs. I have been working with LGBTI clients from all different backgrounds. I think it is very daunting for the client to have support professionals come in for the first time as they are never sure if the carer would be judgemental. I advised the client that if they were judgemental then they are in the wrong job’.

– Fiona M.

Build your LGBTI skills and knowledge

If you are in NSW and wish to complete LGBTI aged care training to build your knowledge and skills, it is provided by ACON, which has online modules in addition to face-to-face training:

In other states, training is provided by the following organisations:

  • Queensland – QuAC
  • Northern Territory – NTAHC
  • Victoria – Trans Gender Victoria (TGV) and GLHV
  • Tasmania – in partnership Working it Out and TasCAHRD
  • South Australia – Uniting Communities
  • Western Australia – GLBTI Rights in Ageing (GRAI)

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