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Older Australians are taking the plunge into digital health – and so can you

There’s a new name for baby boomers who use digital tools to better their health – ‘silver surfers’. A new report from Accenture shows that 57 percent of baby boomers believe that digital technology is vital to managing their personal health, while 52 percent rely on technology to manage their health conditions.

There’s a common myth that the digital revolution is only for younger generations, but silver surfers – the over 65’s who use digital technology to monitor and maintain their health – are flipping that idea on its head.

The lifestyle of silver surfers

With over 300,000 health apps available, it’s difficult to ignore that we’re in the midst of a digital health revolution. Digital health platforms such as Healthdirect, Mable and the myGov portal are making the healthcare system more accessible, leading to a better informed, healthier ageing demographic.

According to Accenture’s report, How Silver Surfers Are Riding the Digital Health Wave in Australia, senior Australians are contributing to some surprising statistics:

  • 52% of Australians over 65 believe that technology greatly helps them understand their conditions and medication
  • Majority of Australians over 65 actively manage aspects of their health such as weight (71%), blood pressure (64%), dietary intake (58%) and cholesterol (52%) with the aid of digital technology
  • 59% are willing to wear or already wear technology that tracks their vital signs

With millions of ageing Australians actively managing their cholesterol and dietary intake, it seems many are taking crucial steps to prevent chronic and cardiovascular diseases.

Accenture’s report shows that, more than ever, senior citizens are accessing technology and putting their trust in a variety of digital health options to improve their health, wellbeing and lifestyle. The report states that the majority of ageing Australians use technology monthly to manage their health, meaning seniors deeply value and increasingly rely on these these tools.

With new wearable technologies and growing consumer-centric online platforms like Mable, ageing Australians are being encouraged to take control of multiple aspects of their health. Mable is a fundamental driver of the digital health revolution which connects thousands of Australians online. By giving senior citizens the power to connect with independent workers in their area, Mable has become a network of support and business-building for thousands of Australians.

Want to be a part of the digital health revolution?

By reading this blog, you already are! If you’re feeling inspired to join the silver surfers, healthdirect is a good place to start for trusted health advice. If you’d like access to your Medicare or My Aged Care details, you can create an account at any time through myGov.

Or, if you’re looking for a little extra support, why not search for independent support workers in your local area on Mable?

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