New Mable features in August 2022 for support workers

Cheerful woman in green sweater works on laptop in bright home office


New Mable features in August 2022 for support workers

Cheerful woman in green sweater works on laptop in bright home office


Mable is committed to delivering the best experience for independent support workers. For the month of August, here are the new features on Mable that will make your experience of using Mable even easier.

View and accept terms and conditions

We’ve simplified how you can view and accept an organisation’s T&Cs with a pop-up containing all the necessary information. With this new feature, the client’s organisation will be able to set T&Cs with support workers prior to the latter accepting the client’s agreement. For support workers with an existing agreement, this feature will give them the opportunity to accept or decline T&Cs from the client’s provider organisation.

Learn more about viewing and accepting T&Cs on Mable.

Now, crop your profile photo as you want

We understand how important it is to have a great profile photo on your Mable account — it is, after all, a potential client’s first impression of you! 

That’s why we have introduced a new photo cropping tool functionality for support workers on Mable. This feature is available on your account under ‘Profile photo’. Once you upload the photo and it’s approved, support workers can use the cropping tool to adjust their photograph using their mouse. They can also enlarge or minimise their photo size.

Here are some tips on how to take a great profile photo.

Incident reporting

Sometimes, support sessions may not go to plan and incidents may occur while you provide support through Mable. 

Mable allows you to consider whether an incident may have occurred during a support session and, if so, fill out an online incident reporting form.

We know it can be tricky knowing what an incident actually is, so we also give you a clear definition and examples of what an incident is.

Learn more on incident reporting

Write better support notes

To provide support workers an opportunity to improve their observational skills, we have introduced a new feature that allows aged care support workers to share more detailed support notes, by updating the minimum characters required to 150. 

The detailed notes framed around health changes will also allow the approved provider organisations to monitor their client’s overall health and wellbeing.

Here is an example of support notes meeting the minimum of 150 characters.

Arrived at ( client name ) house at 9.00am
Assisted with weeding and lawn maintenance,
Left ( Client Name ) house at 11:30am
No concerns were presented during my session. 

We hope these new features continue to make it easy for support workers and clients to provide and find support through Mable. If you have any questions, please contact us.