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10,000 new Home Care Packages rolled out for ageing Australians

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a $500 million aged care funding boost in December, 10,000 new high-level Home Care Packages places have been made available this week to help more Australians live independently and alleviate the pressure on the growing waitlist.

The additional 10,000 home care packages are Level Three or Level Four packages which will help thousands of individuals to access intermediate or high-level care and support. Each package will contribute up to $33,076 or $50,286 of funding each year respectively for ageing Australians who are requiring in-home care.

According to the Department of Health, all new packages will be allocated by June 30, 2019 which should alleviate some of the stress felt by hundreds of thousands of seniors waiting for a home care package.

Alongside the 20,000 home care packages which were released over the past year, this will enable a 40 per cent increase in people receiving care and support via a package.

The new home care packages have been announced in a timely manner, after it was recently revealed that almost 130,000 people are on the national queue for a Home Care Package, either waiting for the appropriate level of support they were approved for a new package to become available.

Accompanying the new packages is a reduction in daily contribution costs for people with a Level One, Two or Three home care package. The maximum daily contribution for those with a Level One package is dropping by $400 per annum, Level Two package contributions are dropping by $200 per annum while Level Three package contributions are dropping by $100 per annum.

“These savings are part of our Government’s unprecedented aged care reforms to help ensure senior Australians receive the care they want and deserve, where and when they need it,” says Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Ken Wyatt of the cost reduction.

“We have invested an extra $1 billion a year in aged care services since 2013 and will continue our record investment through the 2018/19 Budget’s $5 billion aged care boost over the next four years.”

This announcement contributes to the government’s long term aim to cater for our ageing population, which is estimated to burgeon by 3.5 million people by 2050.

Despite the extensive waitlist for home care packages, there are alternative ways to find cost-effective aged care services through platforms like Mable. The Mable platform can help individuals who are waiting for a home care package to connect with independent support workers and continue once they receive their package. Mable can even help people with a Home Care Package to connect to an Approved Provider who will help them to manage their funding while using Mable to manage their supports.

To learn more about how family members can help their loved ones through the steps of a home care package journey, read Mable’s five steps.

Want to double your hours of care and support with your home care package? With Mable, you can use your funding on what matters most – you. Head to Mable to learn more.

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