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More people than ever are juggling multiple jobs: why that could be good for the care and support industry

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It’s well documented that employment trends in Australia and around the world are changing. Casual workers number over 2 million in Australia today and a report by RBA in 2017 revealed a rise in the share of part-time employment to account for nearly one-third of total employed. There are a number of reasons the part-time workforce is increasing. For one segment of the population, part time work provides an avenue to dip their toe into new professions and discover new passions.

Moonlighting, the ‘slasher’ career, whatever you like to call it, more people are juggling multiple jobs than ever before. Partly it’s the result of what’s been referred to as an increasingly entrepreneurial workforce. Self-employment is on the rise and the ability to start your own business has never been easier. For many industries, everything you need to create a business, market yourself and find customers is available online. It’s a change that’s making it possible for people to have one career while pursuing another which fulfils them in different ways.

Aged care and disability support work is just one industry that’s seeing a rise in workers who are new to the profession, attracted by the ability to work in an industry that’s focused on making a positive contribution. And new industry models like Mable are making it possible for them to do it. Mable is an online platform that connects people seeking support with independent workers looking to provide it. It’s free for support workers to sign up and connect with clients on the platform. They choose when they work, who they work with, what services they provide and how much they charge. Because workers are independent, there are no requirements around how often people work via the platform. It’s a model that benefits not only for workers seeking a more flexible arrangement, but clients too.

Why the support industry needs the ‘professional multitasker’

Another reason for the increase in casual workers are changes in industries which have historically been characterised by full time employment. In the case of support work, the demand for greater consumer choice brought about by the NDIS and consumer-directed aged care is driving the change. Industry reforms which encourage flexible, tailored support for clients must be provided by workers who can provide flexible and efficient services. In this scenario, platforms like Mable are helping to meet the growing demand.  

People who are new to the profession but hoping to find meaningful work in their local community are bolstering the in-demand support worker workforce. Alongside these are seasoned professionals who are joining the ranks of the self-employed community to supplement existing incomes or design their work around personal and family commitments.

Continual learning the new norm

Young people entering the workforce now believe that it’s possible to pursue multiple passions and careers in a lifetime. Retraining later in life is not only acceptable, it’s going to be essential for some industries to continue to thrive as our population ages. One of these industries is the frontline care and support workforce.

But for people looking to enter the profession, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing commitment at the outset. Mable allows you to ‘dip your toe’ and work with clients in a social and domestic capacity before deciding whether to undertake any ongoing study in the field. Independent workers providing social & domestic support are required to provide a police check, undergo reference checks and if they intend to work with kids, obtain a working with children check. The support could include anything from providing transport to supporting a client on a social outing to helping around the house.

Those who do pursue qualifications can then provide disability support or aged care, nursing or even allied health services through the platform – and access a greater number of clients looking for specialised support.

Whether you’re looking for flexible and rewarding work in your community or your next career move, Mable makes it easy for you to connect with clients you click with. Sign up today to start your journey.

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