Moments with Mable: Niklas & Guy

There are thousands of connections enabled via the Mable platform every day. Our video series, Moments with Mable, is designed to highlight some of these connections. We start with Niklas, a client using Mable, and Guy, his independent support worker.

Niklas and his independent support worker Guy are both keen musicians. It’s one of the things that drew them to each other, but it’s not the only thing they have in common. They both speak German too, though Nik might describe Guy’s as a little rusty.

They met via the Mable platform, where Niklas was looking for someone to provide support with his work routine, amongst other things. It’s not all business – recently they worked together to set Nik up with an online dating profile.

We sat down with them as they prepared for Nik’s upcoming holiday to the Philippines, to find out what makes their relationship tick.