Moments With Mable: Helen, Graham, and Patrice.

There are thousands of connections enabled via the Mable platform every day. Our video series, Moments with Mable, is designed to highlight some of these connections.

For Graham and Helen, it all started with a wink. Happily married for decades, these days, Helen needs some support with daily activities. Together, they joined Mable to work with Patrice who had recently become an independent support worker on the platform. She supports Helen when Graham can’t be there. Some days it’s help around the house. Others, it’s lunch out, or a little window shopping.

For Graham, the comfort of knowing that Helen is with someone who’s become a great mate, is priceless. But that’s not all they’re getting out of the relationship.

Here, they tell their story about how by self managing their Home Care Package with Let’s Get Care and Mable they’re able to get the control they want and twice as much support as they had with their previous provider.