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Mable’s 2018 gift guide for seniors

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There’s no denying that many of us struggle to find the right gift for at least one person during the festive season. If it’s your ageing parents, grandparents or other elderly family members who you struggle to buy for, we’ve put together a gift guide of the most popular, practical and personal gifts for seniors.

Many ageing individuals want nothing more than to maximise their independence, improve their daily lives and their wellbeing. Most gifts in our guide will help your loved one increase their confidence, independence, safety and comfort.

For around the home

  • Lighting: If your loved one lives alone, experiences poor vision or has trouble sleeping, they may be susceptible to having a fall during the night. But, with sensor lights, you can help minimise this hazard. Sensor nightlights can be placed in hallways or staircases to ensure safer movements, or a digital clock with light settings can ensure better sleep patterns. Or, sensor cabinet lighting could ensure better safety in pantries and wardrobes.
  • Air quality: These can help your loved ones to rest easier and may also ease breathing difficulties brought on by air quality. A humidifier can help to replenish dry indoor conditions while an air purifier can help enhance air quality by removing bacteria and dust from rooms.
  • Hygiene: As we age, it can become difficult to complete the daily tasks we once did with ease. Devices such as an electric toothbrush can help seniors practice better oral hygiene. An easy-to-use electric shaver can also help your senior dad, uncle or friend to look their best without the danger of sharper accessories.
  • Kitchen accessories: There are plenty of smaller gifts that can help seniors feel more confident in the kitchen. Battery-powered salt and pepper grinders can help mealtimes easier, while some silicone oven mitts can ensure better safety when using the oven and stove. Devices such as fruit and vegetable choppers can also speed up the preparation process or an automatic jar opener can prevent unwanted pressure and pain.

Mobility and safety

  • Flooring accessories: Unsecured rugs and mats can be one of the biggest hazards for seniors and can often cause falls. Non-slip mats for the bathroom can help prevent falls, while rug grippers can help rugs stay in place.
  • Bathroom accessories: Bathrooms are typically a place where many people who are ageing tend to feel less confident, safe or steady. If your ageing loved one is lacking confidence in using their bathroom, you could gift them an adjustable rail which can be transferred to different surfaces. Portable suction rails can also help your loved ones practice their hygiene with confidence. A small lighted mirror may also help seniors feel more confident in their appearance and help them to get ready for each day.
  • Need something more? Home modifications are the ultimate gift for seniors who need more support adapting to their changing lifestyle. Home modifications can be provided with the help and advice of a health professional or occupational therapist. If you’d like to connect with a professional on behalf of your family member or friend, head to Mable and start searching for independent therapists in your local area.

For comfort

  • Reading: Although reading is a popular pastime for seniors, it can sometimes become difficult if lighting is poor or if the individual has poor vision. A small light clip can be fixed onto books for seniors. Or, if your loved one struggles to read comfortably, you could gift them horizontal reading glasses which can also be used to watch TV.
  • Relieving stress: A cost-effective stress reliever, this mini massager could help reduce tension and is extremely portable, while this head massager could also do the trick while meeting your budget. Or, a weighted blanket, which could help manage anxiety, stress and help reduce insomnia may help your loved one feel more relaxed. And, to help create a relaxed home environment while practicing safety, these LED candles can give a realistic illusion.

Better communication

  • Home safety: This video doorbell operates with an internet connection and can enable individuals to answer the doorbell with their smartphone, tablet or PC (computer).
  • Improved phone communication: Using the telephone can become a stressful experience for those experiencing poor hearing or communication difficulties. However, this captioned telephone can enable users to also read their incoming messages. Or, this senior-friendly mobile phone with large buttons and sizeable display may also ease the stress that comes with communication.

Access to the local community

Feelings of isolation and loneliness within the elderly can often go unnoticed and this could potentially become a hazard to their emotional and physical health. If you think they could benefit from increased social inclusion, it might be time to start considering how to incorporate this into a Christmas gift.

If they enjoy a particular sport or love playing card games, you could buy them a membership to their local sports club or bridge club. Or, if they enjoy reading and want to increase their knowledge, you could buy them library passes or a membership so they can attend events at their community centre or library.

If they’re unsure about commuting to an event, workshop or social outing in their local community, you could organise for them to connect with an independent support worker who can provide them companionship via Mable.

The gift of support

The festive season is a time for us to create memories and spend time with those who are most important in our lives. This Christmas, if you think your ageing loved one could benefit from occasional, ongoing support either in their home or in the community, the Mable platform can help you find that support.

With over 3,100 independent support workers on the Mable platform, you could connect with different types of aged care, such as:

  • Social support to help them stay connected and active in the community and do the things they’re passionate about.
  • Domestic assistance to help them maintain daily routines and receive assistance around the house and garden.
  • Therapy support to help them maintain their wellbeing and connect with the therapy they require.
  • Nursing services to help them receive high quality clinical care in their home from qualified professionals.
  • Personal care to provide them with daily assistance for showering, toileting, meal preparation and help with medication.
  • Independent living services which includes transport assistance and in-home support to maintain daily routines.

Want to start searching for the right support for your ageing loved one? Head to Mable to learn more and connect with a worker today.

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