Mable in the Media: YourLifeChoices

Mable CEO and co-founder Peter Scutt recently wrote an article for YourLifeChoices Magazine. Within the article, titled, “The future is not aged care as we know it”, Peter discusses solutions for allowing people to stay healthier and remain at home for longer.

“First, there needs to be a shift away from the concept and language of ‘aged care’ and towards a concept of support to continue to live well and independently at home.

Second, people need to be able to engage support and remain in control, in particular over who comes into their home and life to support them and when. It’s key to one’s dignity and fundamental to being willing to accept support. It has to be on your terms.

Finally, they need support to do the things that are important to them, not the ‘cookie-cutter’ support other people think they need. I call this ageing-in-place-in-control…”

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