Mable in the Media: Senior Lifestyle Magazine

Senior Lifestyle Bayside magazine recently talked to the Mable team about how the platform can turn a conversation about aged care into one that’s focused on maintaining independence in older age.

Based in the Redlands area in Brisbane and incorporating Stradbroke Island, the publication focuses on local stories of benefit to the community. In its June edition, it highlighted the importance of community-based support in the Redlands area, where there are currently over 110 independent support workers offering services via the Mable community.

For readers who might be hesitant to discuss aged care with a loved one, it offers advice about how the platform can instead open the door to greater independence.

“There are ways that Mable can help, including reframing how you talk about aged care, introducing support bit by bit and engaging support via your existing networks.”

To read the full article, click through here and view page 10.

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