Mable in the Media: CPA Australia reveals how Mable has grown from its startup beginnings

The official magazine for CPA Australia members, In The Black, is a leading source of information on business, finance and accounting. They recently spoke with Mable co-founder and CEO, Peter Scutt about how a family need sparked the idea for Mable and how the company has since gone from strength to strength.

Talking to In The Black, Scutt revealed that the inspiration for Mable came from his parents’ experiences with an aged care system that could not provide the continuity of care they wanted.

“The sector was not serving them well, nor the workers who were supporting them,” he says. “I felt a marketplace approach could solve a lot of the challenges.”

The article also looks at how business growth was reliant on trust and belief in the idea from early investors, particularly when tackling the challenges of building a two-sided marketplace. As Mable grows, the company will focus on product development, recently hiring a former Google staffer as its chief product and technology officer.

Asked to provide one piece of advice to startups, Scutt says:

“You have to be confident that it’s not just a good idea. You need to also see a pathway to it being a good business.” To read the full article at, click here.