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Mable is a frontrunner in Australia’s culturally diverse aged care sector

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Collectively, we speak 200 different languages and over a third of our ageing population were born overseas. The need for multilingual aged care workers is growing and will continue to grow as Australia diversifies. That’s where Mable comes in.

Currently, half of the support workers on Mable have a culturally and linguistically diverse background, while over ten percent of workers on the platform have multiple cultural backgrounds.

The Mable support model is unique to other support providers in aged care: it gives clients an opportunity to seek out a support worker that suits them based on similar interests or background.

For many clients using Mable, English isn’t their first language, but our platform is designed to put each client’s individual needs at the centre of each unique support process.

Want to take a closer look at the Mable community? Here are just two examples of the cultural diversity amongst workers and clients across our ever-growing platform:

Nina: a multilingual support worker breaking language barriers in her local area
“In the past, I worked with agencies who wanted me to travel far distances for short shifts, but with Mable I was able to find clients quickly,” says Nina.

Since she began working through Mable, Nina has supported clients with Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and Czechoslovakian cultural backgrounds. With a strong Bosnian background, Nina has no issues speaking a range of European languages with her clients. “Even though these countries are all separate, most of our languages are similar and we can understand each other pretty well,” says Nina.

“My first client on Mable, who mainly speaks Czechoslovakian, seemed socially isolated before I came along, but since I began supporting her, she thinks of me as her family,” says Nina.

“Now, each time I visit her, the first question is always ‘where are we going today?’”

Supporting clients in her local Gold Coast area, Nina sees just how many ageing people with European backgrounds require an extra level of social support. But with strong multilingual abilities, Nina becomes a channel for communication between her clients and their wider communities.

“My Croatian clients are still very connected with their culture, and each conversation we share is spoken completely in Croatian. They often ask me how they can find Croatian music and they ask me to help them use Facebook to contact their families. They also love my Croatian-style cooking, and I usually bake bread and prepare goulash for them each time I visit.”

“Working for myself is really good for me and my health, because it gives me something to do, and I never find myself bored. I always say to my clients that I can’t ever sit still, and I think that gets them motivated.”

You can take a look at Nina’s profile on Mable here.

Frossini: supporting her Greek community in Melbourne’s north
Frossini has been an independent support worker on Mable since October 2017. During the time she’s been on the platform, she has provided support to 21 clients – half of whom speak a language other than English.

Frossini’s distinctively European heritage is something that she loves – especially when it enables her to connect with a range of Greek-speaking clients on Mable.

“Most of my clients found me through job posts that specified that they wanted a Greek-speaking support worker.”

Living in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Frossini is a part of a thriving multicultural community and she supports a range of culturally-diverse clients. “I’ve supported people who are Cyprian, Slovenian, German, Polish-Greek, indigenous Australian and Greek,” says Frossini. “I’ve even supported a client who is native to the island Kos in Greece.”

“One gentleman I support is 91 years old and only speaks Greek. Sometimes he has a hard time connecting with the wider community because of his language barriers, but because I can talk to him, I can help him get that important community access.”

With years of experience in disability support and aged care in a range of support facilities, Frossini sees firsthand the difference of working on the Mable platform.

“When I work through Mable, I’m able to give my clients 100 percent care. Because the work is all one-on-one, clients get that unique contact and individual support. I think that’s where Mable has an upper hand to other providers.”

To find out more about Frossini, you can take a look at her profile on Mable here.

On Mable, clients are always put first
At Mable, we know how important it is to find the right support match. If you’re looking for aged care or your parent is in need of an extra hand around the house or garden, you can search for workers in your local area here. You can even search for workers according to their cultural background and language.

Curious to find out how Mable can help you connect with the right support worker? Find out more.

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