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Mable in BRW – “Computershare co-founder and Freelancer floater back marketplace promising better conditions for care workers”

Co-founder Peter Scutt, tells BRW that Mable was inspired by the experience of his own parents who wanted to remain living in their own home. “Care from providers was expensive, costing $45 to $50 per hour and more on weekends, and as a family we had little choice – it was frustrating. It made me realise that this industry was crying out for change,” Peter says.

A “revolving door” of carers from agencies offered his parents no opportunity for social connection, there was little scope for tailoring services and carers lacked flexibility in their rosters.

“It wasn’t servicing the needs of people like my parents, nor support workers who are typically been paid as little as $20 per hour – while the agency charges $50 – and yet are at the coalface of delivering quality, person-centric support to help people remain independently living.”

“If people agree $30 an hour through us, we’ll take $1.50 from the consumer and $3 from the care worker, much less than a typical agency is charging. We can process the payment, file shift notes and time sheets, and we’ve taken out personal indemnity and public liability insurance covering every transaction.”

Mable is the “biggest innovation in aged and disability care in a long time, and they’ve recognised we’re not fly-by nighters.”

Original article appeared in the BRW in September 2015. 


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