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Answering the big questions: Mable and the NDIS

With thousands of Australians now receiving the support through National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we’ve answered some questions on how you can use your NDIS funding to get support through Mable. Whether your NDIS funds are plan managed, agency managed or self-managed, you can look to Mable to find the support that can enrich your lifestyle.

Is Mable registered with the NDIS?
Mable is not an NDIS registered provider, and that’s because we offer a unique support model to clients seeking aged care, disability support and short-term support across Australia. Mable is growing each day by allowing clients to seek support directly and be in complete control of who supports them through a consumer-driven model.

Despite not being an NDIS registered provider, Mable provides support to thousands of people whose NDIS funding is agency managed, plan managed and self-managed.

How do I get support through Mable if my funding is…

Agency managed?
If your NDIS funding is managed by the NDIA and you work with an NDIS registered provider to find support options, Mable can directly cooperate with them. To start receiving support through Mable using this method of management, you will need to get into contact with the Mable Team. If you live in NSW and would like to connect with a new registered provider who can help you find support through Mable, our team can help you connect with one that suits you.

Plan managed?
If you have a plan manager assisting you with your NDIS plan, you can create your own profile on Mable, however you will have to discuss with your plan manager that you’d like to find support through Mable. When organising your support through a plan manager, you will need to stick to the NDIS price limits. This means when you connect with an independent support worker on the platform, you will need to both agree to an hourly payment rate that falls within the NDIS line item price limits relevant to your plan.

Self-managing your NDIS funds gives you the most flexibility when working with Mable. By self-managing your funds, you can create your own Mable profile, begin engaging with workers, and pay for your supports from your chosen bank account. When you self-manage your funding, you do not have to adhere to NDIS line item price limits, meaning you and your worker can work together to choose an hourly rate that suits you both.

If you’d like to have more control over your disability support system, you can always contact your planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to organise a review of your current management plan. To get in touch with your LAC, you should visit the NDIS portal on myGov.

How do I pay for the support I receive through Mable?
On Mable, payments can be processed through credit card, debit card or by invoices.

Once you’ve received support from a worker through our platform, the worker will submit a timesheet for you to approve. Once it’s approved, our platform will automatically generate an invoice or process a payment from your nominated bank account. If you are working with a plan manager or the NDIA, our team can organise to send invoices to them on behalf of your support worker. If you’re self-managing your plan, you can pay your worker using a credit card, debit card or through invoices.

How often are payments processed on Mable?
Invoices are issued the behalf of a support worker each Wednesday in a 7-day payment term. Credit card and debit card payments are processed by the Mable Team daily to ensure workers are paid quickly and efficiently. You can find out more about paying for supports using your NDIS funding on Mable here.

How do NDIS participants currently use Mable to directly connect with support workers?
Mable has a large base of clients using their NDIS funding to pay for their supports, and each client has different needs and a unique management system that works best for them. Our in-house team is dedicated to putting your needs first and will work directly with your registered provider to ensure you have complete peace of mind. You can can connect with support workers by either posting a job in the online community or by searching for workers in your local area who suits your support requirements. You can learn more about connecting with workers here.

Want more information about how Mable can help you use your NDIS funding to get the right support? Give us a call on 1300 73 65 73 or send us a message at

Ready to make the most of your NDIS funding? Head to Mable to see how easy it can be to build a support team tailored for you.

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