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Mable’s 2018 accessible gift guide

With the festive season now just a over a week away, it’s getting to crunch-time to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. If you’re still hunting for the right accessible and practical gift for someone in your family, you’re in luck: here is our accessible gift guide.

Whether you’re buying for someone who lives with a disability or you think they’d benefit from a practical gift to help make their daily routines easier, these gift ideas are focused on enhancing accessibility, independence and self-sufficiency.

Keep track of valuables

Losing your valuables can be distressing for many people, but with the help of a small Bluetooth-enabled device such as Tile, you can always keep track of your keys or phone. Tile can “ring” your phone if it goes missing and it can also be discovered by a smartphone or tablet within Bluetooth range. Learn more about it here.

Enable connection to in-home support

If your loved one lives with a disability and sometimes requires support to enhance their daily routine, the Mable platform can help you to connect to independent support workers in the local community on behalf of them. Mable also allows individuals to search for potential support workers who are in the local area without creating an account and select their own method of payment to receive in-home support. Mable enables people with disabilities to organise support around their lifestyle and allows individuals to choose the exact details of their support sessions, including time, date and types of support.

Bring light to where it’s needed most

When light switches are in hard-to-reach places and light bulbs need to replaced, it can be a hassle to maintain conventional lighting. But, with Wi-Fi enabled lighting, this hassle can be forgotten. Lifx offers a huge range of multi-coloured “smart lights” that are compatible with Apple, Google, Amazon and Logitech devices and even offer security systems for your home. Click here to take a look.

Be in control of the home

With so many “smart” devices on the market this Christmas, it can be hard to know which will benefit your loved ones most. Ring is a device that can help your family and friends feel safe at home be enabling them to see who is at their front door. The Ring doorbell is a Wi-Fi enabled video device that can be used placed on the front door of a home so homeowners can see via their smartphone or tablet who is at the front door. Ring also creates security cameras, spotlight cameras and indoor cameras. Want to know more? See the whole range here.

A device to control all others

In 2018, there’s no shortage of “smart home” devices – and for a good reason. As well as being extremely practical for busy homeowners, home devices are also very useful to those living with a disability and people with limited mobility. Devices like the HomePod, Google Home and the Amazon Echo are all hand-free and designed to make the home a more accessible, practical place. With these devices, you can go shopping without leaving the home, order meals, change television channels and follow a healthy morning routine – think of it as a virtual assistant!

Unlock the home to family and friends

The August Lock can help individuals control exactly who comes into the home. Better yet, when you approach the August Lock, it will unlock your door automatically via your smart device. With connection to a smart device, you can know the status of your front door at all times and remotely lock and unlock it. Take a look at the August Lock here.

Something to help relax the mind

The festive season is the perfect time to give gifts that will help enhance daily living, promote relaxation and ease stress. A popular stress-reliever are aroma diffusers (also known as essential oil diffusers) – these are an affordable gift solution that can be used around the home to help individuals relax and potentially promote good mental health. Similarly, air purifiers could help to create a clear and clean indoor environment for your loved ones.

A reliable source of companionship

The festive season often brings families together who may live far apart, and this distance may make it difficult for you to get an understanding of certain loved ones’ social circles. If you think a family member may be experiencing a lack of community participation or opportunity to be social in their community, the Mable platform could connect them to an independent support worker to provide a source of companionship. To connect them to companionship via Mable, start by searching for independent support workers in your family members’ local area.

Want to give an unforgettable gift this Christmas? With Mable, you can offer a helping hand to family members who might need it most. Head to Mable to start searching for support on behalf of your loved one.

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