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Life gets better when you have the right supports

Inclusion enables people with disability to participate and reach their full potential as equal and valued citizens

Imagine living in a community where all people, including people with disability, feel welcome, can access all aspects of community life and reach their full potential. Imagine if every person understood and valued the contributions that people with disability make and recognised that they had a part to play in the creation of welcoming and accessible communities.

According to the social model of disability, ‘disability’ is socially constructed. This way of thinking sees disability as the result of the interaction between people living with impairments and barriers in the physical, attitudinal, communication and social environment. It is not the inability to walk that keeps a person from entering a building by themselves but the stairs that are inaccessible that keeps a wheelchair-user from entering that building.

A social model perspective does not deny the reality of impairment nor its impact on the individual. However, it does challenge the physical, attitudinal, communication and social environment to accommodate impairment as an expected incidence of human diversity.

Our ambition at Mable is to enable people with disability to participate and reach their full potential as equal and valued citizens. For people with disability this means:

  • Affordable, secure and appropriate housing
  • Paid employment – essential for connection and contribution as well as economic security
  • Social connection and personal growth
  • Availability of competent supports

By offering a system to assist people with disability find, hire and manage their supports themselves, we enable choice and control. At Mable, inclusion for us means choice and control.

What does inclusion mean to you?

Here from others what inclusion means to them:

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